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Star in Your Own Car Sales Movie: A Guide to the Perfect Commercial

Treat your video marketing campaign as if it were a car sales movie–good storytelling is everything

Brands today are no longer selling products to consumers–they're selling stories. Study the next car commercial you see: a rugged cowboy lifting hay bales on a brutally hot day, sweat dripping from his nose as he wipes his face with a damp cloth. The camera pans out, and you see all the lifting not yet completed. Suddenly, in the hazy distance, a gleaming figure appears on the horizon and gradually comes into view: a brand new Ford F-150 with an extended bed, driven by a woman sipping a glass of iced lemonade. That’s not a commercial; it's a car sales movie. 

Storytelling, in a large way, is selling. You're persuading the audience to buy into the narrative of your brand. Of course, the quality of the commericals Ford produces is not in the budget at your car dealership, but you can still use storytelling to connect better with your prospective buyers. It takes a little bit of creative vision and concepting, but the narrative building doesn't have to be a work of art, either.