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Text Messaging

Leverage the power of mobile texting; respond to leads faster and keep them engaged. Communication is tracked and logged for reporting and accountability.

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Full Suite Web-App

Our dealer CRM app can scan customer licenses and VIN barcodes. Data is available in the Web app immediately, ready for tracking and to close sales.

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Email Campaigns

Boost your marketing and reach your customers with custom blasts on existing or custom templates. Filter customers by interest and status in the sales process.

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Scheduling & Automation

Keep your sales team on track and motivated with action plans, custom workflows, tasks, and push notification reminders to reach them wherever they are.

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AutoRaptor has helped me in MANY ways. I am able to easily keep up with all of my customer. Also I don't have to share my personal information, such as my personal cell number and email, in order to keep in contact with my leads. I love that I am constantly kept up-to-date about new features in the application. It's a great tool all around to have if you are a Sales Rep!
Brittany Pulley
Drive Now Dickson

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How to be Sure You’re Presenting Auto Loan Terms That Are Right for Your Customers

March 14, 2018

Low payments can help you sell more cars, but are you presenting the right auto loan terms to your customers? Whether you’re a buy here pay here dealership with dealer-arranged financing, or a traditional dealership with bank-financing, customers will appreciate your firm grasp of the auto loan terms available to them. Longer auto loan terms […]

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5 Important CRM Trends That Will Rev Up Business

March 7, 2018

CRM trends come and go in the automotive industry, but these five are sure to improve your bottom line – and that’s a trend we can all appreciate. If you’ve been in the automotive industry for long, you’ve encountered numerous CRM trends. Your CRM isn’t what it used to be, though. What was once a […]

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5 of the Best Holiday Car Sales for Increasing Traffic

February 28, 2018

You’ve probably tried every one of the most popular holiday car sales promotions in existence, but do you know which ones can genuinely increase dealership traffic? Auto dealers commonly advertise holiday car sales that relate to presidents, veterans, long weekends, or change of seasons. While you may not celebrate every single one of them, you […]

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