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Text Messaging

Leverage the power of mobile texting; respond to leads faster and keep them engaged. Communication is tracked and logged for reporting and accountability.

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Full Suite Web-App

Our mobile app can scan customer licenses and VIN barcodes. Data is available in the Web app immediately, ready for tracking and to close sales.

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Email Campaigns

Boost your marketing and reach your customers with custom blasts on existing or custom templates. Filter customers by interest and status in the sales process.

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Scheduling & Automation

Keep your sales team on track and motivated with action plans, custom workflows, tasks, and push notification reminders to reach them wherever they are.

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AutoRaptor has helped me in MANY ways. I am able to easily keep up with all of my customer. Also I don't have to share my personal information, such as my personal cell number and email, in order to keep in contact with my leads. I love that I am constantly kept up-to-date about new features in the application. It's a great tool all around to have if you are a Sales Rep!
Brittany Pulley
Drive Now Dickson

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The 12 Best Minivan Features Every New Parent Needs

November 22, 2017

Buying a minivan isn’t “uncool” anymore. Share the best minivan features with new and expecting parents to get them excited about their purchase. As an auto salesperson, you wear many hats depending upon the needs of your customers. Sometimes, you need to be a cheerleader for someone who just got a promotion and is celebrating […]

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How to Handle Dealership Complaints on Social Media

November 20, 2017

Dealership complaints on social media don’t always have to be detrimental to your business—learn how to turn lemons into lemonade with these tips. Customer complaints aren’t a new thing. In the past, your dealership has likely fielded countless phone calls, emails, and in-person complaints that have pushed you to try to make things right. Getting […]

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Improve your Sales Scheduling With These Simple Steps

November 15, 2017

In auto sales, scheduling your time can lead to increased productivity and more satisfied customers When you work in sales, time management and sales scheduling is everything. You may be a whiz at closing deals, but if you’re missing scheduled appointments, forgetting to follow up with leads, and showing up late to sales meetings, it’s […]

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