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Packed with features to increase sales

AutoRaptor anticipates your every need, making it the leading CRM dealerships trust

Consolidated Lead Management

Easily manage and follow up with your auto leads

Sales Process Automation

Keep your sales team on track with automated tasks & reminders

Integrated Communication

Seamlessly text, call, and email leads & customers

Mobile App

Built for desktop, optimized for mobile

AutoRaptor features wherever you are.

Cell Phone

License & VIN Scanning

Our software can scan customer licenses and VIN barcodes. Data is available in the web app immediately, ready for tracking and closing sales.

Text Messaging

Respond to leads faster and keep them engaged. Communication is tracked and logged for reporting and accountability.

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Download on the App Store Badge US UK RGB blk 092917 1   google play badge

Best-in-class Integrations

AutoRaptor CRM integrates seamlessly with the tools you know and use

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Frequently Asked Questions

AutoRaptor features wherever you are.

How does AutoRaptor work with e-leads and Internet inquiries?

With AutoRaptor’s ILM (Internet Lead Management) tool, you get automated e-lead notifications of every internet lead. Internet leads come directly into AutoRaptor from various sources with customer and vehicle information.

Will AutoRaptor integrate with my current DMS (Dealer Management System)?

AutoRaptor easily integrates with most major DMS and inventory providers, and is also the perfect complement to a DMS, because it adds that essential relationship management tool that’s usually an afterthought in a DMS.

Do I need to install software to use AutoRaptor?

No, AutoRaptor runs completely through a web browser!

Does AutoRaptor offer training?

Yes. We train each user on the basics of the application and then offer an online support system where any user can ask questions to be answered via email, live chat, or phone.

Can I send email from the AutoRaptor application?

Yes. Email support is conveniently contained right within each Up Sheet, eliminating the need to exit AutoRaptor and access a separate email/Internet program.

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