Ambassador Referral Program

What is an Ambassador?

Someone who LOVES AutoRaptor and can share the benefits with another dealership. An Ambassador connects the AutoRaptor team with the decision-maker(s) at a dealership that could benefit from using our software.

What are the benefits?

  • Level 1 = $75 for a qualified lead (must complete demo)
  • Level 2 = $150 for a dealership signing up (Bonus available for multi-rooftops)

What is a Qualified Lead?

  • A decision maker (Owner or General Sales Manager would be the preference)
  • Independent, BHPH, and certified brand new car dealer
  • Valid phone number and valid email address
  • Must want to set up a Demo of the application (referring person earns $75 after demo)

How do I submit a qualified lead?

Simply fill out our Referral Form here.

What is the follow up process?

Step One

Upon receiving your referral, we will send him or her a nice email that explains why we are contacting them. It will be courteous, brief, and will give you the credit.

Step Two

If and when they respond, we will reach out for an introductory chat. If they are keen on progressing, we will schedule a demo.

Step Three

If they end up completing a demo, then we will hook you up with our Level 1 benefit and keep you updated on whether or not they become a customer! If they aren’t interested in a demo, then no hard feelings – we are always up for meeting new dealers.