Have a question for our support team?  Need to discuss a problem in AutoRaptor?  Want to suggest a way we can make AutoRaptor better?  That's what our support team is here for!

Online:  AutoRaptor users can get quick answers to their questions by clicking the 'Contact Us for Help' link at the bottom of any page while logged into AutoRaptor.

Phone: (888)-421-6533.  Support staff is available by phone 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday except major holidays.

Training:  Ready to schedule a training session to get started in AutoRaptor?  New users (and existing users who want a refresher course) can call us at (888) 421-6533 to schedule a one-on-one online training session.

Once you've scheduled your training time, you'll receive a PIN number to access the online training session using the login area below.

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