Auto Sales Communications

Boost effectiveness with sales communication tools designed to multiply your reps productivity.


Instantly Connect via Text

AutoRaptor’s texting tools are tailored for the automotive market, ensuring smooth and impactful customer interactions.

Seamless Interactions

Leverage every opportunity to instantly inform customers about new additions, promotions, or upcoming test drives.

Powerful Automations

Schedule or automate texts and media based on customized action plans tailored to each dealership’s needs.

Engaging Multi-Media

Enhance texts with your vehicles’ latest photos and videos to grab attention and generate excitement.

Complete Transparency

Every text conversation is logged to ensure accountability, transparency, and regulatory compliance.

communications calls

Efficient One-Click Calls

AutoRaptor simplifies phone communications with one-click outbound calling features, making it incredibly easy to connect with customers directly from your account.

Simple Click to Connect

Instantly connect with customers—no scrolling or digging through files. Keep all pertinent info at your fingertips.

Informed Interactions

Transform every call into an impactful touchpoint using AutoRaptor’s Up Sheets for detailed customer insights.

Use Your Numbers

Leverage your existing phone numbers within our system to ensure seamless calling experiences or add additional lines.

Detailed Call Records

Maintain detailed logs of all outbound calls to keep managers updated on team activities and customer interactions.

communications emails

Automate Your Emails

AutoRaptor’s automated email system allows you to send tailored messages without manual effort, keeping reps focused on direct customer interactions.

Build Pipelines

Engage potential customers continuously with automated emails, keeping them connected even when the team is offsite.

Custom Templates

Automate emails using ready-made templates to ensure consistent communication with minimal effort.

Free Up Reps Time

Free your sales team from mundane email tasks to focus on personal customer interactions and experiences.

Use Your Domain

We provide custom domain white-labeling, allowing dealerships to engage leads with branded email addresses.

Dynamic Marketing & Sales Campaigns

Utilize AutoRaptor’s communication tools to reach a broad audience quickly and efficiently, with minimal input and maximum impact.

Targeted Audiences

Select the demographic you wish to engage, from lease maturity dates to previous purchase history.

Powerful Messaging

Craft compelling messages with vibrant photos tailored to your audience, increasing engagement and responses.

Flexible Scheduling

Initiate campaigns at your convenience, midweek, or weekend, providing flexibility in your marketing efforts.

Detailed Analytics

Analyze every aspect of your campaigns, from open rates to social shares, and refine your approach with each iteration.

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