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Auto Lead Management: Profits from Your Data

Don’t spend more money on finding auto sales leads – or on following up on them. Easily leverage the ones you get every day with the enhanced online auto lead management features in AutoRaptor. The name of your next buyer is probably already in your database– and AutoRaptor helps you find it!

Forget paper files, drawers, and sticky notes. Instead, open AutoRaptor’s dashboard and filter every lead. You can sort by a wide range of criteria, allowing you to set priorities in minutes and focus your team where the opportunity is hot.

Lead Management
AutoRaptor Screen

Data Mining

Collecting auto sales lead data is important. What you do to utilize the data is even more important. Use AutoRaptor’s special tools to quickly and easily leverage the information you have for each customer. Auto lead management is easier than ever!

These auto lead management tools help you …

Round Robin Lead Assignment

No rep ever needs to wait for auto sales leads and no customer ever has to wait for AutoRaptor’s simple assignment tool. Every rep can fill his or her hours with a coordinated effort and productive communication with potential customers all day long.

With the Round Robin feature, managers will …

AutoRaptor Timer
Sales Manager Dashboard

Sales Manager Dashboard

You and your managers will never rely on clumsy paper lists again. And never forget a task or overlook an opportunity. With AutoRaptor, every lead, customer, appointment, task, phone call, email, or text is recorded in a user-friendly dashboard.

Sales manager tools allow managers to …

Profits lie in the details of your dealership. From your inventory to the most productive sales reps to the number of appointments your team is setting every day. AutoRaptor monitors every crucial detail and makes them available to you in a user-friendly interface.

If you’re relying on a lesser automotive CRM system, you’re overlooking something right now!

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