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AutoRaptor is affordable for any size dealership, and users get a 10% to 20% increase in their sales! Discover what package works best for you.

CRM Features

Mobile App License & VIN Scanning Watch in Action

CRM/Internet Lead Management Watch in Action

Intelligent Automation Texting Watch in Action

Intelligent Automation Email Watch in Action

Customized Daily Action Plans

Compliance-based Email Campaigns Watch in Action


Telephony Minutes Per Month

In-app Compliant Text Messages Per Month Watch in Action

Inventory Feed

DMS Sales Data Integration

Data Import of Previous Contacts

Number of Users

Number of Locations







per month

Plus one-time
$295 setup fee

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per month

Plus one-time
$595 setup fee

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Large dealership? Need more users? We understand that every dealership is different. Let’s create something that works best for your dealership.



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