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More than just a CRM, we provide solutions to help you convert more leads into sales, retain more customers and market your inventory successfully.

Consolidated Lead Management

When your sales team can find every lead from every source all in one place and customize offers and track progress through the sales funnel, no lead is ever overlooked, no opportunities are missed and more leads are turned into sales.

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Integrated Communication

AutoRaptor seamlessly integrates your inventory, customer notes and communication records right in our platform. Rich communication and targeted sales campaigns via text, telephone and email means more sales and having it all within AutoRaptor creates efficiency and accountability.

Sales Process Automation

AutoRaptor lets you customize your sales process to your needs, set up daily work plans to keep reps organized, and create robust retention campaigns that keep customers engaged to drive more sales.

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Mobile App Capability

There’s no need for you or your team to be tied to a desk when you have AutoRaptor’s communication and sales features in the palm of your hand. Empower your team to focus on customers, not computers.

Value-priced packages to support dealers of ALL sizes.

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