More than just a CRM, we provide solutions to help you convert more leads into sales, retain more customers and market your inventory successfully.

Best-in-class Integrations

AutoRaptor CRM integrates seamlessly with the tools you know and use

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Consolidated Lead Management

When your sales team can find every lead from every source all in one place and customize offers and track progress through the sales funnel, no lead is ever overlooked, no opportunities are missed and more leads are turned into sales.

  • Every lead in one searchable app
  • Maximize each rep’s efforts with the Round Robin feature, which allows you to assign leads equally and automatically.

"Takes the stress out of my day!"

Keeping track of lost customers is easier than ever. AutoRaptor can really ramp up your customer interactions and sales.

John H. – Capterra Review

Consolidated Lead Management

Integrated Communication

AutoRaptor seamlessly integrates your inventory, customer notes and communication records right in our platform. Rich communication and targeted sales campaigns via text, telephone and email means more sales and having it all within AutoRaptor creates efficiency and accountability.

  • Sales staff can reach out directly from their computers with customized messages, photos and offers
  • Seamlessly send and receive emails to and from your customers within the CRM platform

"Easy, convenient, and reliable"

AutoRaptor has made our client communication top-notch, with fast notifications, easy replying (via computer or phone), and simple scheduling.

Anas A., Sales Manager – Capterra Review

Integrated Communication

Sales Process Automation

AutoRaptor lets you customize your sales process to your needs, set up daily work plans to keep reps organized, and create robust retention campaigns that keep customers engaged to drive more sales.

  • Automated emails and texts to follow up consistently with customers
  • Every task and activity logged in one place

"An absolute MUST for Automotive sales!!"

The automated texts & email options make it impossible to lose contact with your customers.

Nick E. – AutoRaptor user for 8+ years

Sales Process

Mobile App Capability

There’s no need for you or your team to be tied to a desk when you have AutoRaptor’s communication and sales features in the palm of your hand. Empower your team to focus on customers, not computers.

  • Scan licenses and VIN numbers with the mobile app
  • Reps can quickly access their leads on their cell phone to send texts and emails, update notes, schedule appointments, and log sales
Mobile App Capability

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AutoRaptor work with e-leads and Internet inquiries?

With AutoRaptor’s ILM (Internet Lead Management) tool, you get automated e-lead notifications of every internet lead. Internet leads come directly into AutoRaptor from various sources with customer and vehicle information.

Will AutoRaptor integrate with my current DMS (Dealer Management System)?

Yes, AutoRaptor easily integrates with most major DMS and inventory providers.

Do I need to install software to use AutoRaptor?

No, AutoRaptor runs completely through a web browser!

Does AutoRaptor offer training?

Yes. We train each user on the basics of the application and then offer an online support system where any user can ask questions to be answered via email, live chat, or phone.

Can I send email from the AutoRaptor application?

Yes. Email support is conveniently contained right within each Up Sheet, eliminating the need to exit AutoRaptor and access a separate email/Internet program.

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