AutoRaptor is the Hub for All Your Leads

Whether they are coming from your website, a third-party provider, phone call or walk-in, leads from all of your sources are managed in one place, simplifying the process.

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Easily Manage Leads &
Sales Right From the Dashboard

Create Custom Action Plans for Every Stage of the Sales Process.

Already have a successful workflow in place? AutoRaptor is ready to be in sync with how you run your business. Don’t have a workflow set up yet? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. When you get started with AutoRaptor, we will guide you with best practices that we’ve tested and perfected.

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Daily Work Plans

When a sales rep logs into AutoRaptor, their dashboard shows their workplan for the day: scheduled appointments, tasks that are due, new leads, follow-up reminders, and important dates like customers’ birthdays. At the bottom, a snapshot of their personal sales statistics lets them easily track their own performance.

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Tasks & Reminders

Never miss opportunities to reach out to your customers on birthdays, anniversaries, or other important dates. AutoRaptor gives you yearly reminders for milestone dates with easy access to your customers’ history, making long-term follow up simple.

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Mobile App

With our new mobile app, you can use your smartphone to scan drivers’ licenses, scan VIN barcodes to collect trade info in a snap, send text messages, manage your customer and lead info, and more. AutoRaptor puts customer information at your fingertips…literally.

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Quickly Capture Customer Info with License Scanning

Quickly Scan Licenses and VINs

Create Up Sheets on the fly with mobile barcode scanning. Simply capture customers’ license and VIN barcodes to import data, then access it from anywhere. Turn data into deals!

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Outbound Telephony

One-click dialing and call logging keeps customer communication at your fingertips.

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Turn Texting into Your Secret Weapon

Message customers the minute the moment strikes — keep them engaged from first inquiry to final signature. We’ve got compliance covered so you never have to worry.

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Benfit from Integrated SMS
Phone-To-Desktop Compliance

Boost Your Email Marketing

Reach your customers with maximum impact, no matter where they are in the buying process. Create and filter lists, target by location, and send communications just your way – the easy way.

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Want to see which lead sources are the most valuable? AutoRaptor provides a snapshot view of which lead sources turn into the most sales, helping you manage your marketing dollars accordingly.

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