Dealership Sales Process

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The dealership sales process: Maximizing profits with automation

This is simply a better way to sell cars. With AutoRaptor, you tailor each sale to the individual customer, respond to new leads faster, and never overlook opportunities.

Maximum effort is required to sell more cars. The foundation of the perfect sales approach is an effective dealership sales process. AutoRaptor’s automated dealership sales process features help your team consistently communicate with old and new customers, build individual relationships, and deliver winning offers, every single day, without fail.

It’s easy to lose sight of the details during a hectic day. But when every step of your dealership sales process is built into your CRM, nothing is overlooked. You capitalize on every opportunity.

AutoRaptor Sales Process
CRM Customization


Each customer has different needs, and the dealership that caters to them is the one that gets the sale. What’s more, your entire pipeline should reflect the specific audience your dealership serves.

With all the details of every customer and every transaction organized in AutoRaptor, your team can spend its time and energy on making the sale, not on paperwork.

With AutoRaptor, you can …


Automating routine communication tasks eliminates wasted time, streamlines workflow and makes follow-up consistent and focused. You don’t need more sales reps or managers, you just need to make the most of the time you get from the employees you already have.

Automation also gives your sales team full accountability, with every task, communication, and activity recorded for easy monitoring by management.

AutoRaptor’s automation tools allow you to …

CRM Automation
Sales Manager Dashboard


It’s not unusual for a sales team to be so busy selling to current customers that customer retention activities have to take a back seat. But with AutoRaptor’s automated, pre-scheduled communication features and customizable templates, you don’t have to worry.

Set up your retention action plans and forget them! Dealer communications go out when you want, even if your dealership floor is mobbed.

Automated retention plans allow you to …

Daily Workflows

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every morning, or rely on a hastily-scribbled reminder list. Everyone, including managers, knows what has to be done every day and by whom. And AutoRaptor’s action plans allow you to set up daily tasks so nothing is ever overlooked.

With AutoRaptor, your sales reps can …


When customers feel neglected they will buy a vehicle somewhere else. When every lead and every customer is treated with prompt, personalized attention, you generate more sales. AutoRaptor’s customization and automation features can increase your sales by as much as 20% — without a corresponding increase in spending.

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