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Dealership Sales Process

With AutoRaptor, you tailor each sale to the individual customer, respond to new leads faster, and never overlook opportunities.

  • Customization
  • Automation
  • Retention
  • Daily Workflows


Each customer has different needs, and the dealership that caters to them is the one that gets the sale. Moreover, your entire pipeline should reflect your dealership’s specific audience.

With all the details of every customer and every transaction organized in AutoRaptor, your team can spend its time and energy on making the sale, not on paperwork.

With AutoRaptor, you can:

  • Prioritize leads as they come in to help your reps target the most promising ones first
  • Write specific emails to customers when personalization is called for, making each message a direct communication between the rep and the customer
  • Track high-performing emails and discard poor performers to identify the most qualified car sales leads and generate more sales
  • Nurture every single lead in the way that every individual requires, so no sale is ever lost for lack of communication – or clumsy communication
  • Create customized action plans that determine when these texts and emails are sent, so every team member can be confident that routine communication is covered


Automating routine communication tasks eliminates wasted time, streamlines workflow, and makes follow-up consistent and focused. You don’t need more sales reps or managers; you need to make the most of the time you get from the employees you already have.

Automation also gives your sales team full accountability, with every task, communication, and activity recorded for easy monitoring by management.

AutoRaptor’s automation tools allow you to:

  • Automate ongoing, routine communication that doesn’t need personal attention – yet still ensure that outbound communication is correctly aligned with the customer on the other end
  • Ensure consistent messaging from team members across the entire business with AutoRaptor templates
  • Keep the team focused on high-probability leads and consistently responding to customers as they arrive in person, on your website, or on the phone
  • Make all communications highly visible and fully trackable for greater accountability and management efficiency
  • Save your team time in typing up routine emails and texts and give them more one-on-one time with potential buyers
  • Ensure that no leads are lost or mishandled, and no customer has to wait for a response
  • Improve customer loyalty by increasing the number of times they get a timely, important message from you, such as service reminders or trade-up offers


It’s not unusual for a sales team to be so busy selling to current customers that customer retention activities have to take a back seat. But with AutoRaptor’s automated, pre-scheduled communication features and customizable templates, you don’t have to worry.

Set up your retention action plans and forget them! Dealer communications go out when you want, even if your dealership floor is mobbed.

Automated retention plans allow you to:

  • Create a comprehensive follow-up plan from start to finish including automated texts and emails
  • Customize a touch point to nurture the relationship and promote offers from service, to trade-up, to end-of-lease action
  • Maintain good customer relations and perform valuable, time-saving services for every customer in your database

Daily Workflows

No need to reinvent the wheel every morning or rely on a hastily-scribbled reminder list. Everyone, including managers, knows what must be done daily and by whom. And AutoRaptor’s action plans allow you to set up daily tasks, so nothing is ever overlooked.

With AutoRaptor, your sales reps can:

  • Schedule appointments directly from a customer’s Up Sheet, and easily track upcoming tasks and appointments from the schedule
  • Scan their personal dashboard to see every new task, lead, follow-up reminder and important date, along with personal sales statistics
  • Set up automatic communication tasks for everything from post-sale follow-ups to service reminders and more. You can finally spend less time typing routine dealer communications and more time selling
  • Fill the entire day with productive, planned activities that lead to sales and profits
Daily Workflows

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