7 Blog Post Ideas for Automotive Dealerships

blog post ideas

Stop stressing over brainstorming blog post ideas—here are plenty of topics to get your creative juices flowing.

As a tech-savvy auto dealership, you’ve done your homework when it comes to Internet marketing strategies. You love doing A/B testing with your email subject lines, you know the power of high-quality photos on your website, and you understand that your dealership blog has the potential to be an SEO superstar (the key word being “potential”).

Knowing why your dealership needs a blog is the easy part—brainstorming blog post ideas and populating that blog with relevant, compelling content is another story. You’ve already got enough on your mind on a daily basis—compliance issues, generating leads, and planning your next sales meeting—why would you have time to crank out a list of blog topics regularly?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the list below and see if any of the ideas will work for your dealership blog. You may also want to get a notebook and pen as well—just in case these ideas help you spark some of your own!

blog post ideas

Boost your dealership blogging efforts with these blog post ideas

Blog post idea #1: Helpful car care tips

One way to get visitors back to your website and sorting through all your auto listings is by posting useful how-to content. Let’s say someone in your area is wondering why their check engine light won’t turn off, but he or she keeps forgetting to make a service appointment to get it checked. Meanwhile, you’ve written a post about ten reasons why your check engine light might be on, and you’ve posted the link on social media. That person sees your post in their Facebook feed, either because they’re a fan of your page or because one of their friends shared it.

Worst case scenario? The visitor reads your blog post, notes you as a local source of great information, and might bring their car in for service with you. Best case? They stumble upon a new car listing on your website while they’re there, they schedule a test drive, and ultimately buy the vehicle from you.

Blog post idea #2: Vehicle of the week

This type of blog post can be used in a few different ways, depending on your dealership’s needs in a particular week. For example, one week you could feature a cool new car that just came in, and your whole team is obsessed with it. Another week, you could opt to feature a real value that’s just been sitting on your lot for a little too long (don’t say that in the blog, though).

It’s a great way to shine a spotlight on specific vehicles you’d love to sell and makes the blog visitor feel like that individual car is “special” in some way.

Blog post idea #3: Car show reviews

Do you have people on your team who love going to local car shows on the weekend? Take advantage of their passion and enthusiasm and share it on your dealership blog! Of course, none of the cars you’ll be featuring in these blog posts are ones that you’re selling, but they serve a different purpose.

Car show reviews prove that you aren’t just interested in promoting your dealership and making money—your dealership cares about the auto industry and has a genuine love for all vehicles. As a bonus, your posts may attract local gear heads who want to buy their next vehicles from a dealership that understands and appreciates the mechanics of all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Blog post idea #4: Meet the team

You might have employee names, photos, and contact info listed on your dealership website, but kick it up a notch with a “Meet the Team” blog series. Interview one employee every month (remember to rotate through all your different departments) and “introduce” them to the cyber world.

Ask professional questions related to their jobs at the dealership, but also ask them fun questions like their favorite movie or dream vehicle. Have them submit a couple of photos that show their more human side—not just the professional personality customers meet at the dealership.

Meet the Team blog posts help personalize the entire dealership experience. They can also get excellent traction on social media because every time you share a link to a post about an employee, it’s highly likely that their friends and family will share the posts, helping drive more traffic to the blog.

Blog post idea #5: Seasonal tips

If you live in an area where seasons are a thing, you know that different types of weather require various forms of car maintenance and driving tips – especially in the winter. Anticipate when people in your area will begin searching for things like “winter driving tips” or “car maintenance before summer road trip” and be sure to have those posts up on your blog ahead of time. These are the kind of blog posts that are helpful, get shared, give you an SEO boost, and position you as a dealership that cares.

Blog post idea #6: Local events

When it comes to SEO, you need to make sure that your blog posts are also mentioning your location. It’s wonderful to provide interesting, helpful content for web visitors all over the world, but at the end of the day, you want to convert local web visitors into real life customers.

An effective way to tell Google you should be showing up in local searches is to write about events happening in your community occasionally. For example, approaching the 4th of July, you could write about the best places to watch the fireworks in your town. Or, post about local nonprofits and events they’re holding that you want people to support.

Blog post idea #7: Printable checklists

Don’t you just love a good checklist? So do your customers. Create some nice-looking, branded checklists that can be easily printed from your blog. For example, you could make a checklist that drivers can keep in the car that tells them what to do if they are in an accident. Or, make seasonal checklists that walk them through making sure their vehicle is ready for the winter.

Helpful checklist blogs are often shared—and if a reader does print one or more and keep them in the car, the checklists are reminders of your dealership every time they look at them.

Blog post ideas can be fun to come up with if you get a few team members together and just start bouncing ideas off of each other. Take one hour to prioritize coming up with ideas and you may just walk out of that meeting with an entire year’s worth of blog post ideas.

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