Patrick H.

Patrick H.

20 Fun Jeep Facts That Can Help You Sell

jeep facts

Jeep enthusiasts can be tough to impress, but arm yourself with these Jeep facts, and you’ll be closing the deal in no time. If you sell Jeeps, you know it’s not just “another” vehicle brand — it’s a lifestyle for…

9 Ways to Reduce Car Dealership Expenses

car dealership

When you’re running a dealership, business expenses are always going to be there—but it’s up to you to determine how much you’re willing to spend. Peter has a reputation around town as a savvy dealership business owner. He’s the top-selling…

10 Quick Responses for Internet Car Leads

woman typing a response to internet car leads

Need inspiration on how to respond to internet car leads fast? These easy car sales email responses will ensure you don’t let any leads fall through the cracks. Think about a typical day at your dealership. What’s it like? As…