Ty W.

Ty W.

Ty was born and raised in the automotive world. He's an enthusiastic expert who writes exquisite content about cars, automotive sales, and dealership best practices. When not writing for AutoRaptor, you'll find Ty on the golf course.

10 Tips on How to Sell More Cars

how to sell more cars

If you want to learn how to sell more cars, break the ice and allow customers to open up to you freely Getting to the point of making a sale is not often a straight-cut process. Customers who are interested in…

How to Write Car Sales Phone Scripts

man using car sales phone scripts to close a deal

Knowing how to properly utilize car sales phone scripts will increase conversions and make outbound calls easier for you. It seems that most car sales reps have polarized opinions about using phone scripts. One will tell you that it takes…

How Women in Car Sales Have an Edge

car sales woman

The auto industry is male-dominated, however, when dealerships prioritize hiring women they increase profits and have happier customers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown that women only make up about 21.4% of all employees at auto dealers. These numbers,…

5 Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Sleazy Car Salesman

sleazy car salesman

The preconceived stereotype of a sleazy car salesman falls apart when dedication to service and professionalism shines through. Car dealers have always battled against negative stereotypes. These perceptions stem from the shortcomings of the traditional car buying experience: negotiating prices,…

The 25 Best Automobile Quotes of All Time

Man telling his son automobile quotes while washing a car.

Sharing these automobile quotes with your sales team will be a great motivator There’s something to be said for great quotes that evoke strong feelings. They can make you laugh, cry, think, or become inspired. Does your sales team need…