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6 Tips For The Perfect Car Dealer’s Facebook Page

Attention car dealers: Facebook is a powerful marketing tool—give it your time and attention. Here are six tips to make the most of your profile! 

Facebook is here to stay, folks. Social media, as a whole, is only growing. In today’s world, if you want to run a successful car dealership, you need to learn how to use this tool properly. And guess what? It’s not difficult! With a little bit of effort and strategy, Facebook has the potential to reap big rewards

How to Master SMS Text Marketing and Boost Sales

Are your salespeople using every method available to connect with car buyers? Use these SMS text marketing features to nurture your leads into paying customers!

Here's a revealing question: when is the last time you sent a text message? It probably wasn't long ago, maybe even a few minutes. Texting is a primary form of communication for consumers and businesses alike. It's easy, fast, and catches attention—all of the reasons why SMS text marketing is an excellent strategy for car dealers.

Car buyers today behave differently. They want to communicate digitally. They want to shop and view inventory online. Most of all, they want to lessen face-time and streamline sales processes.

As a dealership GM, you have to give your salespeople the tools to communicate effectively. Combined with the features of AutoRaptor's CRM software, SMS text marketing provides better means for customer service and, in turn, increases sales performance.