How to Master SMS Text Marketing and Boost Sales

Are your salespeople using every method available to connect with car buyers? Use these SMS text marketing features to nurture your leads into paying customers!

Here’s a revealing question: when is the last time you sent a text message? It probably wasn’t long ago, maybe even a few minutes. Texting is a primary form of communication for consumers and businesses alike. It’s easy, fast, and catches attention—all of the reasons why SMS text marketing is an excellent strategy for car dealers.photodune-13823217-3d-mobile-phone-and-megaphone-xs

Car buyers today behave differently. They want to communicate digitally. They want to shop and view inventory online. Most of all, they want to lessen face-time and streamline sales processes.

As a dealership GM, you have to give your salespeople the tools to communicate effectively. Combined with the features of AutoRaptor’s CRM software, SMS text marketing provides better means for customer service and, in turn, increases sales performance.


The top 3 mistakes car dealers make with SMS text marketing 

1. Focusing on lead “generation” instead of “nurturing”

You have to realize that texting is a personal form of communication. The customer who receives your message unwillingly is bound to be unhappy (and possibly hostile). Don’t send out messages to phone numbers unless you’ve attained the following:

  • Permission from the customer (opt-in forms, verbal agreement or request)
  • An on-going conversation between the customer and salesperson

2. Little respect for boundaries

No matter how many times the customer has contacted the salesperson via text, there are boundaries to maintain. Sending a text at an inappropriate time (in the late evening or early in the morning) will cause problems. Keep your sent messages within the work day.

3. Messages are spammy and lack personal touch 

Texting should always be a one-on-one conversation. Customers already dislike the amount of marketing material they receive via email. Don’t scare them away (or annoy them) with spammy marketing messages. Have one salesperson send the message and help the customer.

How you benefit from using AutoRaptor’s new SMS texting features  

One-on-one texting without using personal phone minutes

Your salespeople no longer have to send text messages from their personal accounts. Precious minutes can be saved and organization taken to a higher level. AutoRaptor’s mobile application allows your team to send text messages within the app with no additional carrier charges.

  • Send text messages from within the CRM mobile app or desktop software
  • No additional carrier charges
  • Text messages are organized and easily accessible

All communication histories kept in one place

AutoRaptor’s mobile application is directly synced with your desktop software. All of the text messages sent in the mobile app are saved, viewable, and automatically updated on your desktop computer. If you want to access your message history, pull up a customer up sheet to view (and have access to all their other pertinent information).

  • Texts can be sent from the desktop computer or mobile app
  • Direct sync will save all your messages from phone to computer
  • One central location to view and organize communication histories

The same in-app number can be used for phone calls

Your salesperson’s AutoRaptor number also receives and delivers phone calls. When phone call ends, AutoRaptor will automatically alert the salesperson to write a note about the call. The software will then save that note directly in the customer’s up sheet, keeping a chronological order to all communications and their purposes.

  • Deliver and receive phone calls within the CRM system
  • Automatically update customer up sheets with notes about the call
  • Increased organization and productivity with simple tools

Automatic up sheet generation and recognition 

When a lead sends a text message or calls your salesperson, AutoRaptor will respond with recognition features. If the CRM has a record for the number, it will automatically pull up the existing up sheet for that customer or lead. If the number is not recognized, a new up sheet will be generated on the spot.

  • Instant up sheet creation for incoming texts and phone calls
  • Number recognition for existing information
  • Intuitive access to make it easier for salespeople

Do your salespeople have the right tools for the job? 

A car dealership GM needs to think big, but also think smart. If you want your salespeople to nurture leads and customers effectively—leading to more sales—they need the right tools. SMS text marketing and communication are only one part of the puzzle. To connect with car buyers today, your dealership needs an integrated CRM approach that’s better than the rest.


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