What BHPH Auto Dealers Need to Know About Digital Marketing

For BHPH auto dealers, digital marketing is an effective and cost friendly way to market services and increase lead conversions 

You’ve heard it before: people are shopping for cars online, so digital marketing is more effective than traditional media. But for Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) auto dealers like you, there are questions about how these changes affect business strategy. Your customers have different needs and buying habits than those who shop with used and new dealers.

Five years ago, online marketing still didn’t make a significant impact on BHPH auto dealers. Most customers didn’t have regular access to the internet and credit processing was completed in person.

But things have changed. Internet access is more available than ever with smartphone technology. Your customers are shopping for cars online, too. So it’s time to build a digital marketing strategy.

Online marketing 101 for BHPH auto dealers 

Driving traffic to your website 

For BHPH auto dealers, the goal of digital marketing is simple: drive targeted traffic to your website and receive more credit applications. There are several methods for increasing website conversions, but the best strategy is to diversify and track the results. Analyze which strategy is converting visitors into genuine leads (i.e. filling out credit applications) and allocate marketing funds accordingly.

Quick tip: to utilize both of the following methods for digital marketing, BHPH auto dealers should consider hiring a specialist. Whether in-house or outsourced, marketing professionals will know how to capitalize ROI.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) and organic search marketing 

Blogging has become the next generation of “search” marketing. Use Google AdWords to view what terms your audience is searching for online, whether locally or nationally, and target those key terms within your blog content. If you publish on a consistent basis and learn how to implement SEO techniques, those blog posts will effectively become landing pages for your website, ranking higher on Google’s search results.

2. Pay per click (PPC) advertising 

Similar to SEO marketing, PPC advertising targets keywords people search online. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! will sell ad listings that appear in search results. You can bid on a particular keyword, create an ad, and then pay whenever someone clicks that ad. Those clicks will be directed to your website, creating more targeted traffic.

Minimizing “bounce rates” with epic content 

Once a web visitor clicks your ad or a blog post, you need to keep him from leaving! The typical viewer will stay on a website for five to eight seconds before deciding to go somewhere else. So how do BHPH auto dealers keep interest?

Create content that readers find valuable. From the first moment they arrive at the website, you should catch their attention with engaging content. Not another advertisement or sales letter, but a valuable piece of information.

Here are a few ideas BHPH auto dealers can use to minimize bounce rates today:

  • Display a video on your home page, front and center. Make a two-minute commercial with employee spotlights, customer testimonials, and dealership walk-throughs. Communicate positive experiences with good storytelling.
  • Create a virtual presentation of your inventory. Choose the best vehicles on your lot and give a detailed summary of its features and selling points. Record the walk-through as if in person.
  • Write a personalized letter, and display it on your website. Make a promise to meet financing needs and showcase professionalism. Signage and a picture are important to include!

Conversion architecture for more credit applications

Create a website layout that makes it easy to take action. If the end goal is to receive more credit applications, then you must have the proper “funnel strategy.”

After a visitor has clicked your ad, watched your videos, and read your content, how will you make it easy for him to fill out a credit application?

Here’s a step-by-step formula to build on:

  • Make sure every page has a clear call to action (CTA). A “click here” button that sticks out from the rest of the page and will be noticed right away.
  • Create a landing page with good copywriting. Consider hiring a freelance copywriter with landing page expertise.
  • Make the form easy to fill out. Cut out everything superfluous. You don’t want anyone turning away because it’s too much work.
  • Offer something in return. Give an added reason to fill out the form by offering a free product or service. You can give access to a downloadable e-book, videos, or a gift card to pick up at the dealership.

BHPH auto dealers need to cater to online audiences 

It wasn’t long ago that online marketing didn’t make business sense for BHPH auto dealers. Many of your customers didn’t have regular access to the internet, so traditional media seemed to work much better. In today’s world, however, your audience is becoming more and more digitally connected. Close to 90% of customers are shopping for cars online, including the demographic you serve.

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