How Auto Dealer Software Increases Profits and Decreases Expenses

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AutoRaptor’s auto dealer software is known for helping you manage leads and communications, but did you know it can also have a significant impact on dealership finances, too?

It’s not always easy to make dealership budgeting a top priority when you’re trying to meet monthly sales quotas. Independent and Buy Here Pay Here dealerships have much smaller budgets than their big box store counterparts, but they also have astounding profit potential when the right processes are in place. Your time is valuable and subscribing to the right auto dealer software can make a world of difference in overall dealership efficiency.

Each customer has different needs, and the dealership that caters to them is the one that wins the sale. Different car dealers also have distinct needs, which is why AutoRaptor crafted their CRM suite for Independent and Buy Here Pay Here dealerships specifically. It’s affordable, easy to use, and has all the features independent BHPH dealers need, without the cumbersome and unnecessary junk they don’t. When independent dealerships use AutoRaptor, they’re doing so much more than paying for auto dealer software.

AutoRaptor’s auto dealer software makes it easy to minimize dealership expenses

*Automation tools help salespeople and managers work on multiple deals at the same time 01 how auto dealer software increases profits and decreaseswithout sacrificing quality. Dealerships can keep payroll costs under control and eliminate the need for hiring extra sales staff by making their existing team stronger and more efficient.

*Office supply costs are reduced thanks to digital deal jackets, inventory lists, and license and VIN scanning on the mobile app. Scanning also helps reduce errors that can cause red flags during floorplan audits.

*Communication tools let dealers create targeted sales campaigns via text, telephone, and email eliminating the need for costly paper mailer campaigns through third party vendors.

AutoRaptor’s auto dealer software helps you fill the day with productive tasks that lead to profits

*The RoundRobin feature assigns leads instantly to keep your lead pipeline working like a well-oiled machine. Salespeople can go seamlessly from one lead to the next without waiting around for the manager to hand out their next lead assignment.

*Salespeople can easily track email performance to see which activities are producing the best results. Discard poor performers to distinguish the most qualified leads and boost targeted sales efforts.

*All necessary sales information such as inventory, customer notes, and communication records are organized and searchable in AutoRaptor’s easy-to-use dashboard and mobile app. Both make it easier for salespeople to find the information they need, but the app gives salespeople the power to sell vehicles beyond the dealership lot.

*Redundant tasks such as follow-up emails are significantly decreased because AutoRaptor’s custom tasks based on response allow the sales team to schedule targeted communication based on a customer’s reply. Customizable templates ensure that sent messages are always personalized and sincere.

auto dealer software*With less time spent on redundant tasks, salespeople can give each client the attention they want and deserve. When a car buyer is completely satisfied with a car dealership, they have a higher chance of returning in the future. There’s no doubt that dealership retention has a high return on investment. Repeat customers are 70% more likely to make a purchase, and only a 5% increase in dealership retention can increase profits by 25%.

*Workflow customization lets salespeople focus on high-probability leads without ignoring other potential car buyers. Sales managers can monitor the entire sales team at a glance and always know what everyone is working on to make sure they’re reaching their full profit potential.

AutoRaptor acknowledges the struggles car dealers face to be profitable because our team members have decades of real-life car sales experience. Give us a call today at (888) 421-6533 and let us show you how we can make your independent dealership stronger than ever before.

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