Simple E-Lead Management

E-leads from all of your lead sources are managed in one place, simplifying the assignment process and enabling you to follow up quickly.  Users can easily manage their lead pipeline by targeting specific groups of prospects using a variety of different Up Sheet filters.  Access a snapshot of all your leads to focus on your hottest prospects.



Customized Action Plans

Follow-up tasks and customized reminders are tailored to your dealership. Create custom action plans for every stage of the sales process, from the customer’s first Web inquiry or phone-up, through the sales process, to delivery and beyond.



Lead Assignment

AutoRaptor offers three different ways that leads can be distributed to sales reps: Managers can assign each lead manually; sales reps can be allowed to claim leads; or leads can be distributed in a round-robin fashion.

Round-robin assignment will distribute leads equally and automatically to available sales reps with minimal manager intervention.



Round-Robin Lead Assignment: How it works

Sales reps provide the hours during which they are available to promptly respond to leads. When round-robin assigned leads are ignored for more than 30 minutes, a manager will be alerted who can reassign the leads.

As leads come in during the day they will be distributed round-robin to the sales reps currently working and available to receive leads. A sales rep may change their status to “busy” at any time to temporarily remove themselves from the round robin loop.

Salespeople set working ours to be assigned incoming e-leads in AutoRaptor