The dealer app: AutoRaptor magic everywhere you go

Neither you, your managers nor your sales team lives at a desk. So why should your CRM? With AutoRaptor’s top-of-the-line mobile dealer app for iOS and Android, you can take all the powerful auto CRM features with you wherever you want.

At an auction? Check existing inventory on your phone. On the lot with a customer? Create an Up Sheet on the spot. Running late to get to the dealership? Send that important email to a valued customer anyway – directly from their Up Sheet.

automotive crm

Even better, the AutoRaptor dealer app offers additional automotive CRM features beyond simply making the desktop features available on your phone …

License and VIN scanning

Leave the notebook and pen on the desk. Your sales reps can collect every piece of information they need out on the lot with their mobile phones, and on top of that, it’s all synchronized with the desktop version.

Using mobile phones as scanners, you and your sales reps will …

  • Save time by simply scanning a customer’s driver’s license with their phone and creating an Up Sheet automatically with the customer’s information
  • Maximize customer service by getting the test drive under way in minutes, and never leaving a customer waiting
  • Eliminate data mistakes by scanning vehicle barcodes and automatically uploading all relevant trade details in seconds
  • Impress customers by accessing information on your entire inventory right on the lot
  • Increase efficiency by scrolling, filtering and searching Up Sheets right on the phone, wherever and whenever you need to
  • Make deals your customers can’t refuse by accessing all necessary information on the spot, instead of disappearing into an office
  • Follow up with customers from anywhere – from home, at your dealership, even in a traffic jam
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With automotive CRM features on the mobile app, anyone can easily send texts and emails, update notes, schedule appointments, log sales and create profitable deals. Do all of this without ever leaving the customer, or even being on site.

The faster you get information and offers to customers, the more deals you can make. You’ll also have the best auto CRM features to keep customers engaged on your lot instead of moving off to someone else’s.

This is the car sales business for the 21st century. There’s simply no reason to try to do business the clunky, desk-bound way when AutoRaptor CRM features can put your entire dealership in the palm of your hand.