Dealer Communications: Fast, easy, and trackable

How fast can you sell a car? Only as fast as you can communicate with your customers. That’s why AutoRaptor gives you multiple dealer communications options – all completely trackable for maximum accountability – to reach out, make offers, and close the deal.

Reach customers before your competition. Timing is everything, AutoRaptor lets you strike while the deal is hot, with photos, features, prices, and trade-in information, wherever that customer happens to be. Your location, low prices, and large inventory don’t mean much if you can’t tell a customer why he or she should buy a car from you.

Text, phone, and email, on the industry’s most user-friendly platform without ongoing contracts to tie you down: That’s the perfect, affordable combination that lets you build relationships, get your message out, and sell more cars.


Car dealers agree: Text is the most responsive and engaging way of communicating with people who want to buy cars. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it doesn’t require your customer to pick up a phone if it’s not convenient at that moment.

With car dealer CRM text function, you, your managers and your sales staff will…

  • Never miss an opportunity to easily communicate with eager customers about new inventory, promotions, or proposed test drives
  • Communicate with customers in the way that more people prefer, which also happens to be the way to get a message right into their hands instead of a crowded inbox
  • Get customers’ immediate attention with photos of your gorgeous inventory
  • Enjoy complete transparency with a record of each text conversation
  • Feel confident that you’re texting in full compliance with federal regulations and customers’ expectations
  • Establish customers’ ongoing engagement with scheduled, targeted text campaigns to remind customers of promotions or service reminders – even wish them happy birthday!


If it’s easy, it gets done more often. Welcome to AutoRaptor’s one-click outbound telephony feature, which allows you to dial directly from your AutoRaptor account with a click, and connect with every customer.

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And when your team makes a call with an AutoRaptor Up Sheet in front of them, they’ll have every detail at their fingertips in order to better serve each customer individually.

With the telephone at your fingertips, you can …

  • Make quick and easy contact with customers, without scrolling through a contact list on a tiny screen, or digging through paper files for pertinent information
  • Create a full record of outbound sales calls so managers always know the team is on the job
  • Refer to details of each call in Up Sheets as AutoRaptor automatically prompts sales reps to record their notes
  • Make every point of phone contact count with full details of customer history right in front of you


Get your message to qualified customers easily, quickly, and automatically. Your team will be selling to customers off-site even while they’re busy with customers at the dealership!

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With AutoRaptor’s automated transactional emails, you choose the task, set a timeframe, and build a message from our templates. Emails go out automatically, no matter what other tasks your sales team is engaged in.

The automated transactional email feature allows you to …

  • Build a pipeline of potential customers via email messages that keep customers engaged with you even on days off
  • Automate sales communications using pre-set tasks and templates for everything from a 24-hour follow-up, to offering an incentive, to acknowledging a sale anniversary
  • Free up your sales team from writing routine emails and allow them to spend more face time with customers
  • Put your dealership in front of customers whenever you choose to do so … even while you sleep!


AutoRaptor offers an email campaign feature to reach larger groups of your customers at one time. The simple interface saves you time in building campaigns – and you don’t even have to be a marketer!

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Send out a campaign, sit back, and let eager customers come to you!

AutoRaptor’s complete sales campaign feature lets you …

  • Choose the exact customers you want to target today! Whether by lease maturity date, vehicles bought in the past, or any number of other criteria
  • Build powerful emails complete with photos that convey a message exactly suited to the audience you’ve chosen
  • Schedule outreach to begin whenever you want it to, whether that’s at noon on a Thursday or on a Sunday night
  • Track each customer’s response, from opening an email to clicking on a link, even sharing your message on social media
  • Analyze each campaign with user-friendly reports in AutoRaptor that help you fine-tune each campaign and improve response every time you use it

More communication means more sales, but with AutoRaptor, it doesn’t mean more work! With our automated features and rich template selection, your team communicates more. All without spending more time chained to a computer.

Best of all, every communication is logged and available for managers to review at any time. It’s easy to see who’s performing well and which offers and messages are working best.

With improved client to dealer communications, you get more sales. With improved communication between managers and your team, you get greater efficiency. Together, these AutoRaptor dealer communications features generate more sales for less expense and with greater transparency, 24 hours a day.