7 Reasons Why CRM Auto Tools Are So Important to Your Success

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Still a big fan of your giant paper desk calendar and to-do list? You’ll think differently after learning how AutoRaptor CRM auto tools can make your life so much easier.

Your customers use all sorts of digital technology to make their lives easier. They ask Siri to remind them about appointments, use Fitbit to track and analyze their health habits, and fire up the Waze app in the car to help them navigate around traffic. So why is your dealership still using paper calendars, Post-It notes, and print marketing materials in its daily operations?

The future of auto dealerships is here and now—and it uses CRM auto tools to keep things running like a finely-tuned small block V8.

Why should you invest in CRM software designed specifically for the auto industry? Because your competitors already do, and your customers expect a certain level of service that only AutoRaptor can help you provide.

How AutoRaptor CRM auto tools can help you become a top independent dealership

1. Easy lead management crm auto

With AutoRaptor’s lead management tools, auto dealership employees can manage all types of leads in one place.
AutoRaptor helps you decide how you want to distribute leads to sales reps, and even choose a round-robin assignment, so it’s handled automatically, allowing managers to be totally hands-off.

2. Control over every stage of the sales process

Are all of your customers getting the same experience as they move through the sales funnel? Right now, can you count on all your sales reps to follow-up appropriately? AutoRaptor’s tools let you create customized action plans for your dealership that dictate what needs to happen from the first web inquiry to the closing of a deal—and beyond.

3. Consolidate reminders, tasks, and schedules 

Instead of keeping up with multiple locations to stay organized, AutoRaptor lets your team integrate everything into one space. They’ll have their daily tasks, appointments, and even customer birthday reminders together for easy access.

4. Easier communication with customerscrm auto

Rather than juggling calls and texts on business phones and personal phones, a CRM can combine everything into one. Sales reps can text or call through AutoRaptor’s CRM (and mobile app) using an assigned phone number. AutoRaptor will not just log each interaction—it will record calls and keep entire text conversations, so nothing gets lost in translation.

5. Send targeted messages

Many dealerships send out occasional email blasts about upcoming specials, but AutoRaptor’s tools allow you to target messages for better customer engagement.

6. Mobile capabilities save time

AutoRaptor comes with mobile capabilities as well. Sales reps can scan a customer’s driver’s license from the app, and it will immediately create an up sheet. The same goes for scanning VIN barcodes—reps don’t have to waste time writing down the extremely long strings of numbers anymore (and risk making an error).

7. Detailed reporting that’s easy to pullcrm auto

AutoRaptor reporting tools make it easy to view all types of sales reports because all your dealership details are in one place. You can see which lead sources are the most valuable, monitor individual sales rep performance, and see how sales are broken down by used and new. With these precious insights into your business, you can create winning strategies and determine where you need to make changes before significant problems arise.

When your dealership decides to use the CRM tools that AutoRaptor offers, you’re doing so much more than adding on some software. You’re committing to convert more leads into sales, retain more customers, and market your inventory successfully. AutoRaptor will completely change the way your dealership does business—and once you get started, you’ll wonder how your team ever functioned without it.


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