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5 Buy Here Pay Here Software Features All Used Car Dealerships Need

buy here pay here software

How AutoRaptor’s unique buy here pay here software helps independent dealerships prosper

When Howard Leavitt, founder of AutoRaptor was a dealership manager, he faced several challenges finding the right CRM tools to suit an independent dealer’s needs. In his 25-year career, a number of software packages emerged, but few accommodated the unique needs of buy here pay here (BHPH) and pre-owned dealerships.

Leavitt was frustrated by the existing sales solutions that third-party CRM applications offered. The big box software packages offered more than small dealers needed at larger price points, and the smaller ones didn’t cater to buy here pay here dealerships. They were so clumsy, complex, and intimidating that few salespeople mastered them. And not only were they over-the-top expensive, they were designed to collect data—not to sell cars.

Determined to find a better, faster way to work, Leavitt set out to design a system that would combine the best of both worlds: automated customer communication and sales accountability. Adapting to the change the internet brought to the automotive space he opted to produce a web-based buy here pay here software solution versus the traditional hardware.

The result? AutoRaptor — a revolutionary, new CRM created to serve independent and BHPH automotive dealers exclusively. The guiding principle was and is to build a powerful and cost-effective buy here pay here software application that gets used.

5 Features that make AutoRaptor the perfect buy here pay here software for independent dealerships buy here pay here software


1. AutoRaptor’s customizable daily workflows can increase sales up to 20%

You know that in a buy here pay here dealership, your salespeople aren’t just selling cars. They’re making calls, scheduling appointments, and trying to manage customer satisfaction and retention efforts. Multitasking can increase the chance of mistakes that result in lost sales opportunities, but with AutoRaptor’s action plan tools it’s easy to set up daily tasks, and our dashboard helps your dealership stay organized, so nothing gets overlooked.


2. AutoRaptor’s automation tools ensure no customer is ever left behind

It happens: your salespeople are so busy selling to new clients that their customer retention activities take a back seat. But with AutoRaptor’s automated, pre-scheduled communication features and customizable templates, sales teams can be more productive. They can set up retention plans and work on other leads in the meantime. Whether it’s a text or email, dealer communications go out when and how salespeople want, even if they’re occupied with sales appointments or daily deliveries. Your salespeople save time reducing redundant tasks, and sales managers can keep their team accountable (and profitable) by monitoring every lead, customer, appointment, assignment, phone call, email, or text in a user-friendly dashboard.


3. AutoRaptor’s mobile app gives small BHPH dealers big sales power02 5 buy here pay here software features all used car dealerships need

One of the biggest reasons our clients love the AutoRaptor mobile app is that salespeople are no longer confined to their desks and can work deals anytime and anyplace. From lead management to communications, and even starting a digital deal jacket, our mobile app gives buy here pay here dealerships tools that were only previously accessible to new car dealers, at a fraction of the cost.

The License Scanning Tool takes the frustration out of getting crystal clear driver’s license photos from clients, and the VIN Scanner Tool eliminates mistakes made when recording VINs for deals or when acquiring trade-in vehicles. These tools help small dealerships save time, avoid common paperwork errors, and focus on sales and customer satisfaction efforts.


4. AutoRaptor’s campaign building features make marketing easy

Our campaign-building features make it easy for independent buy here pay here dealers to target clients that are most likely to buy. Quickly search and sort by various criteria such as vehicle age or lease maturity date. Once a target audience is chosen, customizable templates will help your team create emails suited towards that specific audience. Accountability features are also available to help salespeople track each customer’s response while managers can monitor which campaigns are ineffective and which are most profitable.


5. AutoRaptor’s lead management features instantly boost productivity 

Skyrocket efficiency and morale by assigning new auto sales leads fairly and automatically with AutoRaptor’s Round Robin feature. Reps never need to wait for managers to assign leads, and car buyers are promptly served, which enhances customer satisfaction efforts. The best part is that leads are consolidated into one easy to use dashboard. When your team can find every lead from every source all in one place, no lead is ever overlooked, no opportunities are missed, and more leads are turned into sales.


Powerful, easy to use, and affordable03 5 buy here pay here software features all used car dealerships need

AutoRaptor’s buy here pay here software helps BHPH dealers convert more leads into sales, retain more customers, and market pre-owned inventory smarter.

Stop paying for new car sales tools your dealership will never need. Our buy here pay here software is a complete suite of services for one affordable, monthly fee.

AutoRaptor also provides the customer support dealers dream about. Our team is easily accessible, prompt, knowledgeable, and pleasant! The average response time to help tickets is 4 minutes! And unlimited training is included in with every subscription. Learn more about AutoRaptor, and schedule a demo today!



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