Amplify with Intelligent Automation

Leads from Various Sources


Automatically funnel large quantities of leads. Concentrate on the customers likely to buy.

Focus on high probability customers with our suite of automated tools

Customization of Workflows

  • Configurable email tasks for preset messages and responses
  • Every task is logged and tracked for review
  • Communicate with actively engaged customers—don’t waste time on those that don’t respond

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Automated Texting (SMS)

  • A more responsive and engaging way to communicate with customers
  • Sent within seconds—fully compliant
  • Responses come in through mobile or desktop web application
  • Full conversation thread logged and tracked

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Ready to simplify and automate your sales process with AutoRaptor?

Automated Emails

  • Control tone and messaging with templates for the entire dealership
  • Follow up consistently with all customers while keeping the sales team focused on high-probability leads
  • Visibility of communications in one place that is simple to track

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Custom Tasks Based on Response

  • Allow sales team to schedule targeted communication based on a customer’s response
  • Ensures effective reminder communication to be completed
  • Helps the sales team to be more efficient and engaged with customers

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Ready to simplify and automate your sales process with AutoRaptor?

auto dealer crm

AutoRaptor is the most powerful
automotive CRM on the market

  • Built for desktop, optimized for mobile
  • Easily manage leads & sales right from the dashboard
  • Custom action plans
  • Daily work plans
  • Tasks and reminders, custom for every person on your sales team
  • Scan licenses and VIN numbers with the mobile app
  • Stay engaged with customers via automated text and email messaging
  • Outbound telephony through the web app
  • Email campaigns with custom filtering and location targeting
  • Reporting on sales trends, activity, and effectiveness