Amplify with Intelligent Automation

Leads from Various Sources Qualified Sales Leads

Automatically funnel large quantities of leads. Concentrate on the customers likely to buy.

Customize Automated Workflows Watch Below
Auto-Response Via Text or Email Watch Below
Custom Tasks Based on Response Watch Below

Focus on high probability customers with our suite of automated tools


Customization of Workflows

  • Configurable email tasks for preset messages and responses
  • Every task is logged and tracked for review
  • Communicate with actively engaged customers—don’t waste time on those that don’t respond
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Automated Texting (SMS)

  • A more responsive and engaging way to communicate with customers
  • Sent within seconds—fully compliant
  • Responses come in through mobile or desktop web application
  • Full conversation thread logged and tracked
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Automated Emails

  • Control tone and messaging with templates for the entire dealership
  • Follow up consistently with all customers while keeping the sales team focused on high-probability leads
  • Visibility of communications in one place that is simple to track
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Custom Tasks Based on Response

  • Allow sales team to schedule targeted communication based on a customer’s repsonse
  • Ensures effective reminder communication to be completed
  • Helps the sales team to be more efficient and engaged with customers
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Ready to simplify and automate your sales process with AutoRaptor?

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AutoRaptor is the most powerful automotive CRM on the market

  • Built for desktop, optimized for mobile
  • Easily manage leads & sales right from the dashboard
  • Custom action plans
  • Daily work plans
  • Tasks and reminders, custom for every person on your sales team
  • Scan licenses and VIN numbers with the mobile app
  • Stay engaged with customers via automated text and email messaging
  • Outbound telephony through the web app
  • Email campaigns with custom filtering and location targeting
  • Reporting on sales trends, activity, and effectiveness