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How Much Can You Automate with an Automotive CRM?

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With AutoRaptor’s automotive CRM, independent car dealers can automate so much more than ever before.

Automation is an invaluable tool when it comes to car sales. Thanks to automotive CRM suites, salespeople can give showroom clients their undivided attention while simultaneously nurturing leads and working in-progress deals. Salespeople can simplify daily processes, eliminate redundant tasks, and focus on giving car buyers the first-class customer service they crave. When dealers make the most of the automation tools available to them, there are no limits to their profit potential.

There are a lot of automotive CRM tools on the market. What should you look for in yours?

AutoRaptor’s automotive CRM lets dealers set it and never forget it

Customizable daily workflowsautomotive crm

Car dealers are busy. Between lead management, follow-ups, and customer service efforts, it can be all too easy to let some responsibilities take a back seat. AutoRaptor lets dealers customize their daily sales process and set up daily work plans to stay organized. Every task is logged and tracked for review, which helps maintain accountability, and makes sure that nothing of importance is ever neglected again.

Marketing made easy

Paper mailers are expensive, and most of them go from the post office directly into the recipient’s recycling bin. It’s a great way to support the U.S. Postal Service, but it doesn’t have much of a positive effect on dealership marketing efforts. Instead, dealers can use AutoRaptor to build powerful emails with photos that convey a message precisely suited to the audience you choose. Whether by the lease maturity date, vehicles bought in the past, or any number of other criteria, dealers can be confident their efforts will pay off.

Effortless lead assignmentautomotive crm

Every dealership assigns leads differently. Some use a rotating list while others wait for managers to assign leads. But the key word here is “wait.” If a manager is busy, salespeople get stuck waiting for the next lead instead of being productive and selling. If no one is available to assign leads, there is also the risk of decreased customer satisfaction. Because customer satisfaction is at its highest the first 90 minutes spent in a dealership, the best way to assign leads is instantly using automated lead assignment tools. AutoRaptor’s Round Robin feature ensures that every lead is assigned fairly and automatically. The lead pipeline makes sure salespeople know which customers are most ready to buy. Managers can focus on other duties with the confidence that their team is productive and meeting the client’s needs.

Customizable tasks on response

The ability to cut down on redundant tasks is crucial in car sales because timing is everything, especially money. Thanks to automation tools, salespeople can substantially multiply the number of leads they can manage at one time. With AutoRaptor, dealers can schedule replies to make sure no customer is ever forgotten at any stage of the process. Targeted communications are instantly sent based on a customer’s response, and customizable templates help dealers create messages that are sincere and never spammy.

Not all automotive CRM companies are created equal.

There’s no doubt that automotive CRM tools have revolutionized how cars are sold, and dealers that don’t use them are stunting their potential. But most CRMs cater to big box dealerships and don’t focus on BHPH and independent used car dealers specifically. With AutoRaptor, there’s no inflated a la carte pricing and subscriptions full of tools you don’t need. With one affordable monthly fee, your independent dealership can use the best automation tools around to convert more leads into sales, retain more customers, and market pre-owned inventory smarter, not harder.

Why scatter your online marketing, daily planning, and lead management over different platforms? We can gather all those together in one place. You can even call it your happy place–we encourage it. Let’s figure out a plan together. Call 1-888-421-6533 today!ptq.gif?a=381107&k=14& to sell more cars at a dealership&bu=http%253A%252F%252Ftry.autoraptor

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