5 Missed Opportunities in Most Used Car Dealer Software: A Sales Manager Dashboard Done Right

used car dealer software

Is your independent dealership missing out on sales opportunities because it’s using the wrong used car dealer software?

If you’re using CRM software geared towards big box dealers with tons of features you don’t need, chances are you’re missing far too many possibilities to profit. Unless you have specifically-designed used car dealer software. There are many dealer dashboards available, but AutoRaptor is specifically designed to help independent buy here pay here dealerships thrive with a web-based dashboard that’s accessible from a desktop or smartphone.

Five ways AutoRaptor’s used car dealer software can help independent dealers overcome missed sales opportunities

Missed opportunity #1: Too many leads are being neglected, and it’s affecting your dealership’s reputation.used car dealer software

Improve your team’s focus on customer service with easy to access daily workflows. AutoRaptor’s full suite web app collects valuable data and generates an effective sales dashboard, ensuring no sales opportunity is ever ignored. Tasks are automatically presented in order of importance, so you and your team can spend the day with productive activities that sell more vehicles. You can also monitor your entire team’s daily activities to make sure clients needs are met and that they’re getting the best customer service possible.

Missed opportunity #2: Lead assignment attempts aren’t working. Your team is frustrated, and valuable leads are walking out the door.

The last thing you want to see as a manager is a potential buyer walking out because your team’s response time was off. It’s also important to make sure your team is strong and that no one is resentful towards your choice of lead assignment methods. Ditch ‘up’ cards and other unsuccessful assignment methods forever and start using AutoRaptor’s Round Robin automatic lead assignment features. Leads are assigned efficiently and automatically, increasing the number of car buyers your team can serve each day without fairness ever being questioned. Because AutoRaptor’s dashboard does all the work, you can spend more time completing managerial tasks instead of delegating assignments.used car dealer software

Missed opportunity #3: The lot is ignored when salespeople are trying to send vital communications.

It’s important to spend time communicating with potential buyers by email or phone, but there are times where these tasks must take a backseat to in-person clients that make their way onto your dealership’s lot. AutoRaptor’s CRM tools will automatically send repetitive communications, track every single reply, and even send custom messages based on a lead’s response. You can be sure your messages always sound authentic and never spammy because our dashboard includes tools to make and store customizable templates.

Missed opportunity #4: Numerous existing patrons are due for trade-ins, but your team is having a hard time making a campaign list.

Stop wasting precious time selling to the uninterested prospects and guessing who should receive your next sales campaign. AutoRaptor’s dashboard lets you sort your entire list of leads by any number of criteria such as lease maturity or trade-in date, and then you can turn that information into powerful sales campaigns. Instead of guessing or paying for clients you will probably never hear from, use your dashboard to bring eager car buyers to you.

Missed opportunity #5: Time and money are being spent on used car dealer software training instead of selling vehicles.used car dealer software

AutoRaptor is a web-based dealer suite that will help you reduce training time and expenses instantly. There is no need for inconvenient cd updates, and it’s easy-to-use, so there’s no need for expensive training courses that take time away from selling. Of course, there are times when everyone needs a little help, which is why we include one-on-one training at no extra cost. Our top-notch customer service has an average ticket time of only 4 minutes or less and is accessible right from your dashboard.

Say goodbye to overpriced used car dealer software that favors larger dealerships. With AutoRaptor’s easy-to-use and always accessible sales manager dashboard, there are no limits to what independent dealerships can achieve both in the dealership and out. Call 1-888-421-6533 to schedule a demo today to learn more!

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