5 Important CRM Trends That Will Rev Up Business

crm trends

CRM trends come and go in the automotive industry, but these five are sure to improve your bottom line – and that’s a trend we can all appreciate.

If you’ve been in the automotive industry for long, you’ve encountered many CRM trends. Your CRM isn’t what it used to be, though. What was once a glorified address book, is now a powerful sales tool thanks to modern innovation.

Technology is turning the auto sales world into a field that would be nearly unrecognizable to past generations of car dealers. Like any industry, though, auto sales are subject to some trends that are little more than untested theories, while other trends bring helpful changes to the way we work.crm trends

Five of the most current CRM trends that are helping dealers improve their profitability and efficiency

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Thanks to the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI), CRM tools do a lot more than store client information. With AutoRaptor, independent dealers can quickly filter through leads, referrals, and inventory data. Running reports is a lot less daunting, thanks to the minimal effort you need to pull information. Time once spent on data management is now free to focus on selling your inventory and inventing new marketing campaigns.

2. Increased digital communication

The numbers show that technology can drive your dealership to better business development. Today’s car buyers prefer digital communication to spending countless hours wandering around your showroom. Cox Automotive’s 2017 study revealed that if given a choice, 58% of customers would prefer a digital negotiation to one that takes place in person. The research also shows that 62% of customers would shop farther from their home to find a vehicle if they knew dealers offered a digital buying process. AutoRaptor’s communication tools focus on helping independent dealers contact their clients the way they prefer. Automated texts and emails are just one way for dealers to expand their potential client base while appealing to the modern customer’s preferred research and communication methods.

3. Enhanced mobility featurescrm trends

Mobile CRM tools help your team sell more cars, but did you know they can increase your employee’s quality of life as well? Salespeople frequently work long days and take little personal time. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a slow week and finally getting a decent lead before your scheduled day off. Thanks to AutoRaptor’s mobile CRM app, salespeople can enjoy their days off outside of the office while avoiding the stress of missing a commission. Because they have access to their contacts, inventory, and schedules, they can work a lead from beginning to end no matter where they are, any time of day.

4. Accountability dashboard

Accountability dashboards may be one of the most beneficial CRM trends to date. Because car sales are such a competitive industry, you can’t afford to employ unproductive salespeople. When you require your team to use a CRM tool, such as AutoRaptor, throughout the sales process, you can keep track of and reward your top performers. On the flip side, you can also track employees who need a little more motivation. And you have access to all communication between customers and sales staff, which is especially helpful when training a new salesperson.

5. Lead assignment improvements

Leads are assigned differently depending on the dealership, but a lot of managers are still using an ‘up system’ or distributing customers verbally. These methods are outdated, and they can leave your staff (and customers) feeling frustrated.

Say the next salesperson in line is busy with another customer. While they’re working, your other team members are off somewhere. They figured since it wasn’t their turn that they’d take their lunch break or check out the new inventory in the back lot. While everyone was gone, who was watching the showroom? You could have a had a potential customer standing around feeling ignored. Most people will not wait because customer service is of the utmost importance. They will leave to go to another car lot, and you lose valuable business.

The automatic lead assignment tool is one of the best CRM trends for maintaining productivity and customer satisfaction. Utilizing AutoRaptor’s Round Robin lead assignment features helps to ensure that no sales opportunity ever goes unnoticed.

Take advantage of CRM trends that increase productivity

If you are willing to integrate these CRM trends into your daily sales routine, you’re sure to see an increase in business. The technological improvements in modern CRM tools are leaps and bounds better than when they first gained popularity in the auto industry. Your team can save time, and you can save money by helping your existing employees become more productive without having to add another person to your payroll.

Are you interested in an affordable, full-featured auto dealer CRM? AutoRaptor’s CRM tool was created with independent and buy here pay here dealership’s needs in mind. Schedule a demo today and see how we can help you increase sales and efficiency.

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