How Automation Can Help Dealerships Sell More Cars

AutoRaptor’s understanding of car sales, combined with decades of experience has helped us create the ultimate dealer CRM Sales Assistant.

Instead of searching through piles of messy papers, our dealer CRM tools can help sales reps quickly filter, search, and sort every customer and vehicle in their inventory from a desktop computer or mobile device. All of their critical sales information is accessible, even when they are out of the office. Imagine being able to work on other deals while waiting for a client at an out of office delivery. What about those times spent sitting at the Registry of Motor vehicles? We help salespeople make the most of their workdays by giving them complete access to their clients anytime, anywhere.

A Dealer CRM Platform that’s Easy to Use.

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Once a customer’s information is entered into AutoRaptor’s dealer CRM, it can be used to work a deal from beginning to end, and even beyond. Salespeople can create and send engaging messages, manage customer notes and preferences, and assist multiple clients at one time. It’s also simple to send clear vehicle images, and VINs and licenses can be scanned and uploaded by using our easy to use mobile app. The scanning tool is a great way to improve accuracy and eliminate data entry errors that lead to loss of productivity.

Automated Action Plans that Help Dealers Focus on what Matters Most.

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AutoRaptor’s automated action plans help create a balanced and productive daily dealer workflow to help your team make the most of their work week. It’s no longer a stressful experience finding time to provide excellent customer service because we take the hard work out of balancing obligations. Our dealer CRM platform automatically completes mundane, yet essential daily tasks such as sending follow-up and appointment reminder messages. Salespeople can focus on what they do best while ensuring consistent communication with both non-responsive and working dealership leads.

Automatically Send Messages to Get Customers in the Door.

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It’s critical to maintain communication efforts to engage clients every step of the way. Our platform will help sales reps consistently book new appointments and reduce cancellations while maintaining an organized daily schedule. Client information is automatically pulled into customized messages and sent when appointments are missed or rescheduled. Both sales representatives and managers can use our Priority tab to make sure ALL incoming calls, texts, and emails are responded to quickly.

Automated Messaging Will Also Decrease Response Times.

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One of the biggest time savers AutoRaptor clients can take advantage of is the ability to maintain communication with multiple customers simultaneously, while still giving them the attention they deserve.

Use the Templates tab to import default messages, create new ones or edit existing campaigns. From inventory questions to sales follow-ups, and even service appointments and trade-in offers, dealers can give clients the information they need, exactly how they want to get it.

AutoRaptor is Here to Support Managers, too.

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Our platform also includes an integrated company bulletin board tool to help managers monitor their team’s efforts to ensure accountability and productivity. Our user-friendly reports help track target campaigns and the best sources for dealership leads. Monitor follow-up efforts to help increase customer satisfaction and positive online reviews. It’s also easier than ever to track top performing sales staff, struggling salespeople, and to train new hires. We even take the guesswork out of assigning leads with our Round Robin feature. New dealership leads are assigned automatically and equally so customers can get the prompt attention they deserve.

AutoRaptor is Different from Other Dealer CRM Tools on the Market.

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We know that it’s critical to divide time spent with current clients and potential leads to ensure a consistent monthly commission. That no two car buyers are alike, and some car deals take more effort than others to complete. We also understand the importance and difficulties related to time management in an extremely competitive industry.


Our primary focus is to help car dealerships avoid missed sales opportunities using automation, and we’re there to help them every step of the way. Not only is our platform user-friendly, but we offer cost-effective subscriptions that include unlimited training sessions. Our tools are so easy to use that even someone with limited computer experience will be able to benefit from them, but just in case we provide a first-class support team who’s average support ticket time is under five minutes. AutoRaptor acknowledges the struggles car dealers face to be successful because our team members have decades of real-life car sales experience. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you succeed.


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