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Effortlessly Manage Leads & Deals

Our automotive CRM is engineered to reduce clicks, simplify processes, and eradicate the complexity of sales tools, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters–Selling more cars.

Centralized Lead Data

Simple search, filter, and sort every lead and opportunity by various criteria.

Automated Sales Cycles

Automate sales cadences across all communication channels.

One-Stop Sales Inbox

Never miss an opportunity with a unified communication & notification center.

Sell On the Go

Capture, organize & respond to leads from anywhere with our mobile app.

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Sales Dashboard

Efficiently Oversee Auto Sales Operations

Powerful Automotive CRM software to monitor sales, track reps, optimize strategies, and proactively manage performance with detailed, graph-based reports that provide fresh insights.

Performance Tracking

Generate individual team, and dealership performance reports with just a click.

Enhanced Insights

Track high-performing lead sources and sales tactics to hone in on strategies.

Sales Forecasting

Predict sales with easy-to-read graphs that detail monthly numbers.

Complete Visibility

Monitor the progress of every opportunity through the entire sales funnel.

Seamless Integrations that Supercharge Sales

Boost sales with automotive CRM software that bolts directly onto your dealership’s inventory management, DMS, credit, and vehicle history software.

Wayne Reaves

Revved Up Reviews: Our Dealer CRM Success Stories

We were immediately able to jump in and take advantage of what AutoRaptor had to offer. We didn’t look at any other CRMs because this one did everything we needed it to do.

Jon Higgins

Carmix Auto Sales

We looked at and tried out a few different CRMs, but AutoRaptor does a great job with its simplicity. It works well, and it’s an easy process.

Chad Randash

Randash Auto Center, Owner

Other CRMs are simple in appearance, but not usability. AutoRaptor is the opposite. The email marketing design and the use of creative templates are beautiful and couldn’t be easier.

Sarah Graf

EZ Loan Auto Sales, Manager

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Dealerships that switch to AutoRaptor CRM save an average of $10,800 annually.


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Top Tier Support

Personalized help is available when you want it. Our commitment ensures superior value and performance, emphasizing long-term success over short-term savings.

Sales Enablement

Unlock your sales potential with our free guides and templates collection. Streamline your sales process and enhance your performance with these essential resources.

Commitment to Quality

We are dealership insiders with 20 years of experience. We are more than just a tool; we are an integrated member of your team and your partner in success.

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