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Randash Auto sells 10x more cars by using AutoRaptor

Randash Auto Center

Just like with the salespeople, AutoRaptor has given us as owners a roadmap to success.

Today, we’ll hear from another happy AutoRaptor customer who explains how our automotive CRM has helped his business grow their revenue and survive the pandemic.

Chad Randash started Randash Auto Center in Bozeman 2007 to help customers find vehicles that fit their individual circumstances and needs with affordable monthly payments to suit any budget and provide them with superior services and programs to help customers drive with confidence. A big part of that success has been AutoRaptor’s auto dealer CRM.

A buy-here, pay-here dealership, Randash Auto Center has two locations—one in Bozeman, Montana, and the other 150 miles away in Billings that is owned and operated by his brother, Brian. Both centers sell a lot of SUVs and trucks—it is Montana, after all—but they carry all sorts of vehicles, usually with at least 50 cars on the lot at a time and many more available, even amidst the pandemic.

Chad took a few moments to catch up with us about his experience using AutoRaptor and how our auto dealer CRM has helped him grow his business.

What sets AutoRaptor apart

Speaking via Zoom from his dealership in Montana, Chad gets right to the point.

“The hardest thing about buy-here, pay-here is that everything’s chopped up…which we’d gotten used to making work. Eventually, we looked at and tried out a few different CRMs, but AutoRaptor does a great job with its simplicity. It works well, and it’s an easy process.”

Chad is also a fan of the way AutoRaptor makes it easier to manage leads and keep a regular eye on targets—two things that were much more difficult before an automotive CRM.

“The CRM is as good as the information we put into it, so when the leads come in, we can use AutoRaptor to organize and distribute the information.”


“I also think it’s cool to be able to check in three or four times a day to see how our call volume is, how each salesperson is doing, what they’re logging, etc., and then going in there and seeing their activity, making sure we’re being productive.”

Remote management

Another thing Chad has found helpful about the AutoRaptor dealership CRM is the way it helps him manage a remote sales team.

“We’ve got another dealership in Billings that recently began using AutoRaptor. With AutoRaptor, we’ve learned we can work remotely, at least while this pandemic is going on. As a manager or an owner, as long as you can put those key metrics in to see what the productivity is—call volume, text, email—and then understand what the sales are going to look like—I think that’s so important. I can see what they are doing and whether the sales are accompanying that, and if not, I can help coach the sales manager what to do to improve.”

Automation and employee engagement

Chad also finds that having an automotive CRM better engages the workforce. It allows his teams to follow up on leads within minutes, which increases the number of sales 10x. That alone can help to engage sales managers better, not to mention that they can see their own performance data and use that to hone in on their strengths and weaknesses.

“It gives them a roadmap,” says Chad. “It’s a nice way of keeping people on track.”

Randash Auto Center also takes advantage of the automation features offered by AutoRaptor.

“The automation is great. It really allows us to get a lot done in a short time.”

Life with an automotive CRM

“Before AutoRaptor, our dealership in Billings would take leads from the website and give them to the salespeople. There was no real follow-up or structure on what the salespeople should be doing. Now with AutoRaptor, the sales are increasing there, and we’re starting to climb the ladder, even in a pandemic. Just like with the salespeople, AutoRaptor has given us as owners a roadmap to success.”

Tips from a seasoned professional

Chad signed off with a few tips for new industry professionals, especially those without a dealership CRM.

“A 20-group is important, whether it’s one of the big ones (NIADA or NCM) or someone else. Then, having structure in your day is so important, along with having programs like AutoRaptor’s that are easy to use at a great price-point—it just keeps you going. It keeps everything in front of you, so your day is set up, and you’re not worrying throughout the day. There are a lot of problems in this business all the time, so you need those tasks to keep you on-point.”

Thanks in part to the automotive CRM that AutoRaptor offers, both Randash Auto Center locations are surviving the pandemic and expect to get back to regular business as soon as it’s safe to do so. Having a functional dealership CRM like AutoRaptor will be a crucial step to getting them back in touch with customers, reeling in the leads, and ultimately, making sales to happy drivers.

Start Selling More Cars Faster

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