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E-Z Loan Auto Sales improves customer relationships with AutoRaptor’s texting features

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Other CRMs I’ve seen are simple in appearance but not with usability. AutoRaptor is the opposite.

One of Western New York’s top automotive marketing professionals explains why a dealership CRM is so critical to business today—and why you should choose AutoRaptor.

Tucked away in Western New York State, E-Z Loan Auto Sales, the state’s largest Buy Here Pay Here dealership, has helped thousands of customers find the perfect vehicles over the last twenty years. No matter your budget or lifestyle, with three locations in Buffalo, Locktown, and Niagra Falls, they are the region’s go-to dealership for not only quality vehicles at great prices but also for their dedication to the community, as evidenced by the charitable work in which they regularly engage.

Sarah Graf has been EZ Loan Auto Sales’ Marketing Manager for just over five years, bringing with her more than a decade of experience in marketing and advertising. An integral part of the company’s evolution and success, Sarah spent a few minutes with us to share what stands out to her about AutoRaptor’s dealership CRM.

Success Starts with People

While Sarah hasn’t been with E-Z Loan Auto long enough to know what life was like before they had a dealership CRM—that’s right, they’ve been a customer for over five years!—she firmly believes that AutoRaptor’s appeal starts even before the features of our product.

"AutoRaptor’s customer service team is super responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable about our specific needs. They’re unlike any vendor I’ve worked with in the past."

In particular, Sarah mentioned the collaborative efforts of the team at AutoRaptor to solve whatever her particular need may be. It very much reflects E-Z Loan Auto’s own commitment to serving customers.

Texts Change Everything—Especially Business

As a marketing professional, it’s no surprise that one of Sarah’s favorite product features is the texting function within our automotive CRM. It’s such an effective way to communicate in this now-virtual world.

“The texting is fantastic, and it is so important. It’s such a huge part of how we do our business and also the way most of our customers choose to communicate with us. A lot of the dealership CRM options available don’t include this functionality; it’s either an extra cost, or it only allows you to text with one customer at a time.”

“With AutoRaptor, we can send mass texts, which we typically do every quarter. Those texts have proven very successful for us in re-engaging with lost and inactive customers.”

Keep it Simple

Another aspect of AutoRaptor that captures Sarah’s attention is the platform’s ease of use. For example, she says they can quickly create and use creative templates, which then become personalized messages to dozens of customers at once. “It’s all really convenient and really easy.”

“Other CRMs I’ve seen are simple in appearance, but not with usability. AutoRaptor is the opposite. The email marketing design and the use of creative templates are beautiful and couldn’t be easier to use. When our emails go out, they look fantastic because we can do things like add logos and images, wrap text, change fonts and colors, and everything always looks great when we’re done.”

More Reasons to Choose AutoRaptor

E-Z Loan Auto uses our automotive dealership CRM in a limited capacity to help manage their sales team, which is extremely convenient and organized.

Sarah says they also absolutely could not do without the delivered upsheet report, which they need to create monthly ROI reports. “The delivered upsheet reports are the foundation for regular presentations to management we make each month. We’d definitely have a harder time with these presentations if not for the reports from AutoRaptor.”

People at the company are also fans of the many customizable automation capabilities within the platform. They use the automation to help with action plans, scheduling, sending emails and texts, and otherwise following up. Keeping with her earlier theme, she loves how easy it all is to use, and how flexible it can be to meet their needs.

Reports are another highlight for Sarah. “Exporting data works really well. We export quite a bit of data on a regular basis to build lists elsewhere. We can run them based on all kinds of criteria, like location and customer lists, among others.”

A Pandemic Benefit

AutoRaptor’s dealership CRM was useful before COVID-19, but in this almost entirely digital world—at least for now—AutoRaptor has helped E-Z Loans Auto Sales stay in touch with their valued clients while also tracking and analyzing data to help keep the business going. While they saw a solid uptick in buyers in the later summer months and a slow return to in-person interactions, they, like many of us, are planning for more disruptions before the winter is over, making AutoRaptor even more critical than before.

“The people there have just been amazing. We’ve had a really great experience with them.”

Start Selling More Cars Faster

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