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Customer Stories / Carmix Auto Sales

Carmix Auto Sales boost sales 300% using AutoRaptor's Automated Workflows

Carmix Auto

With AutoRaptor, you save so many deals that otherwise would have slipped through the cracks that the cost of the CRM is negligible.

From better lead management to measuring success, a satisfied AutoRaptor customer shares how AutoRaptor’s automotive CRM has positively impacted his dealership.

Located in Shavertown, Pennsylvania, just between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, Carmix Auto Sales offers some of the best used cars in the area, backed by 25 years of industry experience and plenty of favorable reviews from happy customers. Moving somewhere around 30-35 pre-owned vehicles per month, Carmix does all they can to get customers the cars they want at the best price on the market, not just in their Pennsylvania locale, but also nationwide.

Salesperson Jon Higgins, a three-year veteran of the dealership, attributes much of their success to the use of AutoRaptor’s dealership CRM. Not only has the technology led to an increase in sales since they started using it, but it’s also helped to see them through the pandemic and prepare for the new future of business.

On a recent Zoom call, Jon gives us a glimpse into the benefits of AutoRaptor and why he thinks CRM-less dealerships should give an online platform a try.

Life before an automotive CRM

When Jon started at Carmix three years ago, the business hadn’t yet tapped into the potential of an auto dealer CRM. 

“We had an upsheet tablet on the front desk that was updated every day. We also had an email account that internet leads would dump into, and we’d have to print off a screenshot of customer information to distribute to the salespeople. The biggest issue back then was follow-up.”

Then his boss heard about dealership CRMs and looked into AutoRaptor. After a trial run, they quickly decided it was the platform for them.

“We felt it was really genius and super easy to integrate. We were immediately able to jump in and take advantage of what AutoRaptor had to offer. We didn’t look at any other CRMs because this one did everything we needed it to do.

“Now, with AutoRaptor, following up is much easier. I’d say I’m emailing, texting, or calling probably 100 people a day.”

How an automotive CRM changed business

One of the things that Jon likes most about AutoRaptor is the automated workflows.

“We have some salespeople who were used to doing things the way they were done before the internet. Despite being great salespeople, they still inevitably missed some customers here and there.

“With AutoRaptor, I’ve gone in on the back-end and set it up so that every upsheet comes to me after five days of no activity. That way, I touch every single customer, and we can make sure that leads are seen through to the end, regardless of the outcome.”

In the same vein as automated workflows, Jon is also a fan of the lost upsheet feature, allowing him to ensure they’re connecting with as many people as possible, especially old leads—which have often turned into closed sales.

Photo-sharing and file-sharing are also easy, and Jon finds a lot of value in the various reports he can run out of the system. Overall, he loves the ease of use, especially since it doesn’t sacrifice quality or features.

Advice to other dealerships

As far as Jon is concerned, if a dealership hasn’t invested in an automotive CRM, they’re missing out.

“You could be losing a $3,000 sale on a car if no one is following up. With AutoRaptor, you save so many deals that otherwise would have slipped through the cracks that the cost of the CRM is negligible.

“The other thing is, you might be paying third-party retailers way too much money to do something you can do in-house. The CRM is so valuable because you can see if what you’re spending is worth it and also if your salespeople are doing their jobs and if your customers are happy. Every interaction is in the dealership CRM, and it’s totally customizable. It’s the eyes of the entire business. You see every car coming in, every customer coming in, why people bought or didn’t buy, and whether or not they were satisfied.

“I think AutoRaptor is very valuable. My job would be a lot harder if not for an automotive CRM, and I think the other salespeople wouldn’t be doing as many internet sales, which have increased from 2-3 deals per month to 8-10.”

With a focus on the local community and finding the cars that people want, Carmix Auto Sales provides another example of how an auto dealer CRM like AutoRaptor helps dealerships connect with the people who need them and provide them the best products and services at even better prices.

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