Used Car Dealership Software Guide

At AutoRaptor, we’re about efficiency and helping you figure out how to save time at your used auto dealership, so you can focus your efforts on the most important factor to success – providing an excellent experience for each and every one of your customers.

Employees are your biggest asset and, of course, your biggest cost–so use their time wisely! Carefully choosing the right used car dealership software platforms can save your employees time and let them get back to focusing their efforts on managing customer relationships. Customers go to used car dealerships for excellent, personalized service, without the gimmicks.

There are four specific types of used car dealership software you can use to streamline your business: a dealership management system, accounting software, human resources software and customer relationship management software. Here’s a list of tools we encourage you to use that are simple and straightforward, just like your used car dealership.

1.     Dealer Management System (DMS)

While the features of popular dealership management systems (DMS) have greatly evolved, you need a DMS for the single basic feature of keeping your inventory in check. Platforms will offer additional services to provide you with sales history or even a service department history (if you have one), but the main concern is selecting one with options that you’ll actually use, and not merely pay extra for each month.

 Our recommendation:

Auto/Mate is our top pick— a platform that we believe in so much we’ve even integrated it with AutoRaptor (click here for a full list of our DMS integrations). For everything from accounting to sales to parts and service happenings, Auto/Mate is an additional tool you can use to ensure that you’re always delivering the highest quality customer service available.

For BHPH, AutoStar has earned five star reviews.

Runner’s Up:

  • Arkona/DealerTrack
  • Adams
  • ADP
  • AutoSoft
  • Frazer
  • Reynolds & Reynolds


2.     Accounting Software

Accounting software is crucial to making sure that you’re meeting your bottom line. Most DMS systems like Auto/Mate, AutoStar, and Frazer include accounting software.

 Our Recommendation:

 Though many new dealerships use built in DMS accounting software, it’s often overly complex. For used car dealerships we recommend Xero, a simple cloud-based platform that allows you to compile any past transactions or bills and to create invoices and keep track of unpaid expenses. Xero has been topping the charts of software for used car dealerships lately, and with good reason.

Xero designed for small business—just like your used car dealership—and can be accessed from any device, regardless of operating system. With mobile review and approval as it’s latest option, Xero is perfect for on-the-go used dealership owners.

3.     Human Resources Software

Keeping your employees happy is essential, and an absolute necessity, to keep your customers happy. But managing employees and filing paperwork can be overwhelming—so let software automatically do it for you.

 Our Recommendation:

KPA is the first paperless, completely automated HR software created specifically for used car dealerships. It offers four different platform varieties to ensure that you’re receiving the number of tools you need to streamline your workplace management. As an added perk, KPA comes with onsite consulting visits included in the cost of the software!


4.   Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

We think in the end, customer relationship management software (CRM) is the most crucial tool you can use to ensure the success of your business. Following up with customers is the key to winning their business. CRMs are extremely valuable, and you’d be shocked by the ROI this type of used car dealership software can deliver.

Our very own product, AutoRaptor, is a great fit for your used car dealership. Our software exists to improve your business. When it comes to differentiating your dealership, we know it’s your superior customer service that is going to speak for your brand and draw in quality customers. It’s important to streamline internal tasks and make sure you’re using available technology to improve your dealership. With tools like lead management and customized action plans, AutoRaptor ensures that your sales team never misses an opportunity.

Technology exists to save you time–so take advantage! Be sure to check out our recommendations for used car dealership software and let us know how it goes. With these four tools, you can make your dealership unstoppable.

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