Follow-up tasks and customized reminders are tailored to your dealership. Create customized action plans for every stage of the sales process, from first follow-up to delivery and beyond.

How it works

In the Customized Action Plans feature, you can create a set of tasks based on stages of the selling process.  For example, for each new incoming e-lead AutoRaptor will set a task for the sales rep to make the initial phone call; when a vehicle is sold, a set of tasks relating to preparation for delivery are automatically created, and so on.

Customized Action Plans are completely customizable in AutoRaptor.  If you already have a successful workflow in place, then AutoRaptor is ready to be in synch with how you run your business.

Don’t have a workflow set up yet?  Don’t worry, because we’re here to help.  When you get started with AutoRaptor, we will guide you with best practices that we’ve tested and perfected.  We have years of experience helping dealers learn the right steps for winning the deal, and we’re here to help your team hit the ground running!