The 5 Best Ways to Sell More Cars in the Digital Age

If you’re looking for better ways to sell more cars, utilize digital resources at your disposal to connect with technology-driven customers. 

As a salesperson, you’ve seen the rapid change in the auto industry. Digital technology has transformed everything — buying habits, marketing strategies, and ways to connect with customers. To stay ahead of the game, you need to use every digital tool at your disposal.

Maybe you’re a seasoned professional keeping up with current trends or a new sales rep looking for an edge. If so, it’s time to get educated and search for better ways to sell more cars. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

It is likely that your dealership has already made strides to adapt. But have you used everything in your power to promote yourself as a salesperson? Have you considered ways to brand yourself as a trusted professional?

The 5 best ways to sell more cars in the digital age 

1. Use video to connect virtually with buyers 

Consumers today are shopping online. They’re searching for cars, viewing features, and comparing prices. All before they contact with you.

In many ways, this makes your job easier. Once a prospect arrives at the dealership, 85% of the groundwork is already done. You only need to encourage, inform, and finalize the sale.

But how can you attract prospects to contact you instead of competitors? Use video content! Here’s how:

  • Promote video walk-throughs and tutorials. Show the prospect the great experience he can expect from visiting the dealership and working with you.
  • Record virtual presentations of inventory. If you’re contacted about a particular car, record a quick video to showcase the features. You can add specially discounted vehicles and other current deals.
  • Promote yourself in an “employee spotlight” interview. Show your personality and dedication to customer service. Connect with every lead before they meet you!

2. Stay engaged after you close the deal 

The sales process for dealerships has changed. The first contact with leads is now through email, text messages, and social media. You have earned their trust before they arrive at the dealership.

Next, you present the vehicle, go for a test drive, discuss pricing, come to a deal, and close the sale. Soon they drive off the lot with a new car.

But what are you doing after the sale? How do you create customer experiences that bring more leads, more referrals, and continued business?

One of the best ways to sell more cars is to keep in touch with every satisfied customer. As a digital-age salesperson, you need to develop relationships and turn each customer into a referral source. Here’s how:

  • Send a handwritten letter to your new customer thanking him for his business. Make it short, genuine, and professional. (In today’s digital world, a letter makes a huge impression!)
  • Schedule reminders to send out quarterly emails. Ask customers how their vehicle is performing and if there is anything you can help with.
  • Send out personal e-letters on holidays and birthdays.

3. Master all forms of digital communication

Practice and refine your skills as a digital communicator. As millennials and Gen-X-ers immerse in social media, email, and texting, you’ll also need to build up expertise in these fields.

Be on the same playing field as your leads and customers. Learn their language and adapt to how they choose to connect.

If you want better ways to sell more cars, master internet-based communications. Here’s what you should have in place:

  • A professional, fully-decked profile on all major social platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are most important. Consider industry-centric sites as well.
  • Scheduled times to post, share, and promote content via social media. You must engage with your audience!
  • Excellent writing skills. Start reading books on email and internet-based writing. Practice writing one to two emails every day and editing for grammar. The same goes for text messaging.

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4. Streamline task management with CRM software 

Make your daily tasks as efficient and effective as possible. If your dealership has not invested in CRM software, run the idea by your manager.

Picture this: you need specific information on a lead and it’s available on your smartphone. If you have a busy week—meetings, appointments, numerous follow-ups—you can maintain all those tasks in one place.

Here’s how a quality CRM allows you to focus on finding ways to sell more cars:

  • User-friendly interface for e-lead and task management.
  • Customized action plans for follow-up emails, appointment scheduling, and workflow checkpoints.
  • Mobile phone VIN number scanning and customer upsheets on the go.
  • Real-time data for sales performance tracking.

5. Don’t wait around — generate your own leads!

You don’t wait for your manager to delegate leads during a slow week or month. Use your skills to create a workflow. Reach out to generate business and make connections.

By expanding your digital resources and developing methods of communication, you will have constant workflow and additional ways to sell more cars.

  • Search through your email lists and find customers who may be looking for a trade-in opportunity.
  • Put together an offer for customers with teen drivers. Reach out and ask if they are looking to find a vehicle for their kids.
  • Send out promotions via social media and include video presentations of vehicles.

Utilize digital resources as effective ways to sell more cars 

By learning to communicate with digital tools and adapting to how people want to engage you, establishing good connections and closing more deals will be easier. Plus, you will benefit from keeping yourself busy while other sales reps wait to be assigned leads and twiddle their thumbs.

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