How a Car Sales Mobile App Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Give your salespeople a car sales mobile app that brings the features of a CRM right to their fingertips  There is quite a bit of talk going around these days about the effects of mobile technology on the auto industry. Not only are...

Give your salespeople a car sales mobile app that brings the features of a CRM right to their fingertips 

There is quite a bit of talk going around these days about the effects of mobile technology on the auto industry. Not only are people shopping for cars online, but they are also using mobile apps to complete the task.

But car buyers are not the only ones benefiting from these tools; industry professionals can use a car sales mobile app, too. When combined with a dealership-tailored CRM software, these apps makes it easier to manage deals, improve customer service, and organize workflow.

How do you decide which car sales mobile app and CRM software work for your dealership? It all starts on the ground floor: the features intuitively designed for your salespeople.

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In today’s world, customers have less patience for traditional car dealerships. Most of their daily tasks are completed using new technology, and they expect the same level of efficiency when purchasing a vehicle.

Your salespeople have similar standards. They want to cut red tape and close more deals. E-lead management, appointments, follow-ups, presentations, test drives, paper signage—all of these tasks should be easier and faster.

Dealerships that utililze mobile apps are accomplishing two main goals:

  1. Salespeople are equipped to streamline sales processes and organize daily tasks.
  2. Customers experience minimal steps and improved communication with salespeople.

But not every car sales mobile app is created equal. Most applications are designed with “one size fits all” capabilities, providing only the basic tools salespeople—in the car industry—need to be successful.

Important questions to ask when seeking out dealership mobile apps:

  • Does it offer practical, user-friendly, dealership-specific features?
  • Can I manage and oversee the daily tasks of salespeople?
  • Does the app sync with CRM software and desktop computers?
  • Are the features customizable to salespeople’s needs?
  • What capabilities does this app offer that others do not?
  • Do the developers understand the business processes of a car dealership?

Mobile functionality exclusive to car sales professionals 

The AutoRaptor team has created a car sales mobile app with more than just the ordinary CRM capabilities. These unique features were specially designed to streamline tasks for your salespeople.

Here is a quick look at the tools we’ve included:

License scanner for customer upsheets

  • Scan the prospect’s driver’s license to upload information and automatically create a new upsheet.
  • Upsheets are filtered into specific categories depending on the point of sale.
  • Edit and update profile details with pictures, notes, phone numbers, emails, and more.
  • All current upsheets are saved and organized for easy access.

In-app text messaging and phone calls

  • Send text messages to customers with no additional carrier charges.
  • Make a phone call.
  • Organize all communication records in one place.

VIN barcode scanner 

  • Scan VIN barcodes from phone to attain make, model, and trim/style information.
  • Add trade-in details to customer upsheets.
  • Edit and include additional information such as mileage, ACV, allowance, and notes.

Real-time desktop syncing 

  • All information added to the mobile application will sync with CRM software on desktops.
  • Salespeople’s activities are viewable and trackable from desktop.

Engage with customers on the mobile playing field 

More and more the auto industry is changing due to the influence of mobile-centric consumers. Your salespeople can also benefit from utilizing mobile technology. In order to manage customer relationships effectively, your sales team needs the tools that connect them with prospects. Your CRM software should offer you tools designed for streamlining and give your dealership a new edge over the competition.

What’s your opinion? Do you feel mobile technology is a neccessary tool for salespeople in the auto industry? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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