Looking to take your dealership service and management to the next level? Take a look at how our auto dealer CRM software will help your business grow!

Looking to take your dealership service and management to the next level? Take a look at how our auto dealer CRM software will help your business grow!

Dealership general managers are just like business owners—they want to grow, thrive, and improve their dealerships. But in an industry that has seen rapid change, keeping a finger on the pulse of new technology is challenging. If you’re looking for the right tool to bring your dealership into the digital age, auto dealer CRM software is the answer.

Cutting edge software helps improve sales management and includes a plethora of intuitive features, specially designed for dealerships. Sales reps, managers, and GM’s can easily communicate with each other, keep track of performance, and identify weak points. 

For every GM looking to improve his dealership, there is one bottom line question: how can you increase sales and streamline front-end and back-end processes?

How auto dealer CRM software will grow your front-end business

1. Daily task management for salespeople

Do you leave it up to your salespeople to organize themselves? Chances are they could be more efficient at completing daily tasks. Auto dealer CRM software keeps track of every point in the sales process with customers, from scheduling appointments to following up after the sale.

  • Customizable action plans for individual prospects
  • Daily reminders to complete important tasks
  • Email templates and phone scripts for follow-up efforts

2. Organized and easily accessible customer information

Creating and managing a digital file (or an AutoRaptor up sheet) for a client is easier than ever. Each file organizes pertinent information that salespeople need. These up sheets are filtered by where the prospect is in the sales process, and can be accessed from the salesperson’s phone.

  • Capture the prospect’s name and address by scanning his driver’s license with the CRM mobile app
  • Easily edit relevant information, such as trade-in details, email, notes, and more
  • Pull up the customer’s history with your dealership: vehicles sales, service notes, etc.

3. More efficient customer service and engagement 

In today’s world, salespeople need to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. A quality auto dealer CRM software will send out reminders and prompt your salespeople to get in touch. Your staff can also send text messages and make phone calls directly from the AutoRaptor dashboard.

  • Receive direct reminders about follow-up efforts, sales calls, and daily tasks
  • Texting and phone call histories all kept in one place
  • Notifications for new e-leads to claim

4. Customized mobile application tools and features

Mobile application tools will bring your team’s effectiveness to the next level. Now they have all the bells and whistles of their auto dealer CRM software at the tips of their fingers. Plus, here are a few extra tools that will help streamline the sales process and keep things moving at the dealership.

  • Scan a customer’s driver’s license to create an up sheet
  • Scan VIN barcodes to pull up information on a vehicle instantly
  • Send text messages from the app to customers and team members
  • All information added with the mobile app will automatically sync with the desktop system

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How auto dealer CRM software will improve your back-end structure

1. Streamlined e-lead management and delegation 

While your sales staff are using all the front-end features to amplify their customer service, managers can better delegate tasks and e-leads to their teams. They can assign leads manually, allow salespeople to claim leads, or have the system assign in a round robin fashion.

  • Less time spent chasing down salespeople in person
  • Instant communication via the AutoRaptor dashboard
  • Prospects can be filtered by where they are in the sales process

2. Sales, lead source, and team performance reporting 

GMs and upper-level managers can view statistics with sales and performance reports. Break down the reports by time (day, week, month, or year), and view which vehicles are selling and which are not. Wondering if your salespeople are completing tasks on time? You can see their tasks every day and keep track of who is keeping up with daily goals.

3. Customized email marketing campaigns 

You can create, schedule, and send email campaigns within an auto dealer CRM software. AutoRaptor allows its users to view how many customers have opened and read your messages as well. There are templates available for specific emails, so less time is spent fussing over the formatting and details.

Want to improve your business? Auto dealer CRM software is the next step 

To run a successful dealership in a digitally-driven world, you have to utilize the right tools. Many CRM companies offer the same, one-size-fits-all product—no industry-specific features. AutoRaptor, on the other hand, is made by professionals who know the car business and understand what tools your team needs to thrive.

What’s your opinion? Do you have questions about our industry-specific features? Let us know in the comments and we’ll answer them promptly!

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