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Proven Internet Car Sales Tips for a Worried, Old School Salesperson

Implement these internet car sales tips to build on the the face to face skill set you already have.

Remember the last time a customer walked onto your dealership lot looking to purchase a vehicle? You walked them through the process, showed them the features, took a test drive, and soon handed over the keys with a final handshake and a smile-laden “congratulations.” Felt great, didn’t it?

Implement these internet car sales tips to build on the the face to face skill set you already have.

Remember the last time a customer walked onto your dealership lot looking to purchase a vehicle? You walked them through the process, showed them the features, took a test drive, and soon handed over the keys with a final handshake and a smile-laden “congratulations.” Felt great, didn’t it?

Well, If you only plan on closing sales with walk ons for the next five years, guess what? You’re in need of a serious reality check and a some quality internet car sales tips.


The process to getting customers through the door, which I’m sure you’re well aware of, has changed. Instead of walking into the dealership with a vague notion to buy and hear options, consumers are now entering through a different doorway: the internet. This has increasingly been the case for car dealers for more than a decade.


At first, an internet lead was as easy to convert as simply asking them to “come on by the shop” to talk in person. But this is no longer the case. Consumers have a vast amount of information at their disposal online at all times, giving them the power of leverage that used to belong to…you. Customers can shop around, compare quotes, calculate costs, and view features–all without the necessary help of trained sales professionals.


You’re a face to face salesperson. So where does this leave you? The hard truth: you can adapt and learn new skills, or look for a different job. If you want to connect and convert an audience that primarily communicates online, you have to meet them there. We’ve put together an up to date list of internet car sales tips that will help you make the transition into a new, internet-savvy salesperson.


Internet car sales tips to attract, engage, and monetize an internet-based leads


Before we begin, let’s take a quick breath. The fact is, most consumers will make a final decision to purchase a car in person. A car, after all, is a major purchase for most people. Here’s the good news: many of your skills in face to face sales can translate via online communication. With these internet car sales tips, we’re going to show you how.


Just remember: consumer motivations today are still the same as always. They are looking for convenience, genuineness, and transparency with salespeople. The only question is how do you deliver these qualities through online communicatIon? Here’s your answer:


  1. Get comfortable being in front of the camera


What’s second best to meeting someone in person? Not a phone call; It’s meeting them virtually. Presenting yourself to prospective clients in a recorded video will give them the satisfaction of seeing you in person, but without the sales pitch. The human connection will at least be partially conveyed and give your prospects a face to the emails you’ve been exchanging (more on that later).


What’s more, you can personalize the shopping process online by recording a walkthrough tour of each vehicle for sale. Just as if you were conducting a showing face to face, you can do it with a camera and post it online. These internet car sales tips will set you apart from the competition. The irony about consumers today is that they want everything that comes with face to face interactions, except the actual interaction.


  1. Sharpen your written communication skills for emails, texting, and online chat


Writing has become an extremely important skills for car sales professionals. Since so much of your initial exchanges will be over email or online chat, there is no longer any excuse for clumsy, elementary-level writing. Your misspelled words and complete lack of grammatical understanding will not go unnoticed. You need to communicate clearly and concisely with your internet leads.


Emails not only open conversations, but they are crucial for effective follow-ups, too. If you have a high proficiency level in written communication already, it would be extra beneficial to invest in a copywriting 101 course online. If you can open up a dialogue through email, being able to get them through the door in person will be that much easier.


Finally, be aware that your internet leads and requests for quotes are not just for you. They are likely sending out these requests to several dealerships, so make sure you are the first to respond. Make an impression right away. Answer their questions clearly and focus on building rapport. Consumers want to feel like they can trust you–don’t go for the sale or ask them to come in right away. Take it slow, just like you would behave face to face.


  1. Stop avoiding social media. It’s a goldmine brand awareness and customer relations

By now, this should be a no-brainer. Face it: people today communicate, share and engage with businesses over social media platforms. Take advantage and learn how to use these tools to drive in more leads and follow up for customer satisfaction.


Here’s why this is one of the biggest internet car sales tips: every time you follow up with a customer online, share a picture, and promote special deals, everyone is watching. When you show a special regard for one customer, another potential prospect will likely take notice. This is the age of digital networking–get yourself out there and be noticed!


  1. Keep track of your internet car sales efforts with a quality CRM

With all these new avenues for customer leads, sales, and retention comes with a heightened need for organization and effective streamlining. If you’re a sales manager looking towards developing a modernized sales process, investing in a quality CRM to keep track and record your efforts is an important step. You should be able to connect with your audience as easily and painlessly as possible, while seeing the hard data where your sales team performs best and how they can improve.


Here’s what a quality CRM will offer you:

  • Clear and user-friendly management of e-leads and customer information.
  • Ability to use over a mobile device
  • Customized follow up schedules to keep your team updated and on track
  • Data driven sales tracking to identify where your leads are coming from


Adaptation is the key to utilizing these internet car sales tips


There’s nothing wrong with being a skilled face to face salesperson. In fact, all of your skill sets for interpersonal effectiveness can be used to augment your transition into an internet-savvy sales machine. These internet car sales tips are nothing you have not heard before–it’s impossible to not to see the fallout of traditional car sales techniques. But if you can adapt yourself from an old school mindset to a modern skill set, you will likely close more deals than ever before.
Teaching your sales team new tricks can be a difficult task. Cut down the learning curve and focus on making sales. That’s what we specialize in at AutoRaptor. We’ve developed a comprehensive CRM for dealerships–we understand how you work. Find out more by downloading our free CRM Guide or give us a call today.

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