6 Effective Car Sales Training Tips for a Struggling Team

Motivating your team with these car sales training tips can turn your dealership around 

Walking into a sales manager position at a pre-owned car dealership can be tricky, especially when the sales team has been struggling to close deals.

Every salesperson has a distinct way of doing things: how they engage with customers, what points of the sales process they focus on, who they prefer to deal with, etc. When you’re coming in as a new hire in a leadership role, it’s best to identify the issues and focus your team on tackling them together.

There are a few car sales training tips that will help a struggling team gain back their confidence. As the sales manager, it’s your job to implement these techniques within your sales force. You handle the numbers from this point on, so it’s in your best interest to put forth an effort to modernize your sales team while reinforcing car sales principles.

It’s tough job, but if you can open up your team and work together towards one goal, your sales goals will keep rising with time.

In this post, we’ve included seven car sales training tips to help you turn around your sales team. We’ve broken these tips into two separate categories: 1.) getting back to the basics and 2.) making of a modern salesperson. The basics focus more on building foundational skills in selling cars and the modern section is training your sales team in new areas. Keeping reading to find out how to turn around your team today.

Getting back to the basics

Focus on qualifying your leads for a particular automobile

A good salesperson is an excellent listener and a partial speaker. Re-focus your sales team on understanding the customer’s needs, desires, and wants. That means being able to create an effective dialogue without necessarily trying to sell the prospect on any one car. There is also a miniature scale sales process going on every time you shake hands with a customer the first time. The first step is to establish trust by listening to what they say and asking pointed questions about their concerns. Only then will you know what car to choose for sale.

Master the presentation of the vehicle

There is nothing fancy about used car sales; you have to make it fancy. Presenting the vehicle to the customer is one of the most important aspects of the sales process. Teach your sales team that guiding the customer through the vehicle is establishing an emotional connection. Reference back to your earlier conversations to highlight the reasons why this particular car is perfect for them. Know how to use pain points to engage your prospect.

Also, know the safety features by heart. Your sales team should show professionalism at every stage in the sales process. Telling a customer they don’t know all the details about the car is like a waiter forgetting what the special of the night is. It’s embarrassing and undermines credibility.

Make professional appearance a standard at your dealership

These car sales training tips go for both the appearance of your sales team and the vehicles on the lot. Establishing a professional atmosphere at the dealership with increase the confidence of your sales team and increase the overall experience of your clientele. Train your team members to establish a method of communication with the service department, so every car shown looks brand new. There should be a fresh coat of wax, clean windows, jet black tires and a new car smell for every car.

Instill in your sales team that buying a car is an emotional experience. Customers want to feel increase from their purchase, and they want to deal with a professional salesperson.

Making of a modern salesperson

Invest in a quality CRM system and train your team to use it effectively

Lead management and sales tracking is a necessary tool for today’s digitally-focused consumers. Most of your leads will come through online, whether directly to your dealership website or by 3rd party sites like AutoTrader. Your sales team will benefit from know who these online viewers are, what they’re looking for, and how far along they are in the buying process. A quality CRM can organize all that information for you, as well as tracking sales and useful features.

Offer to pay for online courses in writing composition and copywriting techniques

Your sales teams need to be able to communicate effectively online. Many leads will first contact the dealership through email, requesting a quote for a particular car. They will take that quote and compare it to other dealerships in the area, and try to talk down prices. However, what most people are looking for, more than a competitive price, is an intelligent, clear and honest salesperson. If your sales team can communicate and create a dialogue with leads through email and chat, they will be far ahead of the local competition.

Train your sales team to practice self-promotion through video marketing

Get your sales team comfortable with the idea of promoting their services through video tutorials, employee spotlights, virtual presentations of vehicles. Allowing your website viewers to get a sense of your staff before they get to the dealership will communicate a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

Use these car sales training tips to create a more dynamic sales team

Being in a leadership role, the creativity and enthusiasm you bring to the table will trickle down to your sales team. You have to learn how to trust your team’s individual talents and workmanship–micro management will not help anyone grow. The car sales training tips above focus on blending a focus on foundational skills, refining the sales process, and implementing modern techniques to create a more dynamic team. Stay focused and your sales will surely turn from struggling to succeeding.

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