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Quickly Scan Licenses and VINs

Create upsheets on the fly with mobile barcode scanning. Simply capture customers’ license and VIN barcodes to import data, then access it from anywhere.

Turn Texting into Your Secret Weapon

Message customers the minute the moment strikes — keep them engaged from first inquiry to final signature. We’ve got compliance covered so you never have to worry.

Boost Your Email Marketing

Reach your customers with maximum impact, no matter where they are in the buying process. Create and filter lists, target by location, and send communications just your way – the easy way.

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Auto Raptor is a great tool to use to keep up with and log in all of your customers. This is your very own personal secretary. It keeps your files in the order that you enter them in. You are able to keep notes, send email,and give a customer a birthday call. This is an awesome tool to make an impact in someone's life just by remembering their special day. Auto Raptor isn't difficult or fancy. It is exactly what you need to build your very own business. Thank You Auto Raptor and my Auto Raptor Representative Amy for your fast response!
Leandro Lenn Olivarez
Taggart Auto Center

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