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4.6 Star Rating


Change for the better.

We asked our customers “What changed for the better since you switched to AutoRaptor?” Hundreds responded, here’s some of what they said.

We’ve experienced the benefit of having a place to capture all the data and to really manage it with action plans.

Kit Eaker

Car Credit Solutions, Sales Manager


We have been using AutoRaptor for over a decade now. It’s easy to use and navigate. It’s great for tracking sales, following up with customers, and a multitude of other things. Would recommend to anyone.

Kadie Ramsey


AutoRaptor is very user friendly and has got us the best leads! I had a 10 car sales week last week 🙂 Thank you AutoRaptor!

Kelly Welty


AutoRaptor is a very easy to understand CRM! Its lack of complexity makes it easy to onboard new users yet it offers a host of automated features to help keep in touch with customers. All this at a very affordable price point! Their customer service is extremely responsive and helpful!

Robert Marquardt


AutoRaptor has been a great CRM for our multiple car lots. It was easy to learn.

Mary Humerickhouse

Other CRMs I’ve seen are simple in appearance, but not with usability. AutoRaptor is the opposite. The email marketing design and the use of creative templates are beautiful and couldn’t be easier to use.

Sarah Graf

EZ Loan Auto Sales, Marketing Manager


This platform is amazing! It’s easy to understand and it helps me keep track of new and existing clients. It’s helped me out with sales tremendously.

Kyle Johnson


Our AutoRaptor team is very professional and provides us with the best customer service. Completely satisfied.

Bryant Brown

The hardest thing about buy-here, pay-here is that everything’s chopped up…which we’d gotten used to making work. Eventually, we looked at and tried out a few different CRMs, but AutoRaptor does a great job with its simplicity. It works well, and it’s an easy process.

Chad Randash

Randash Auto Center, Owner


We have been using AutoRaptor for a couple of years. They have a good tool with just the right amount of features. The support is always good if we ever need help. Definitely recommend.

Tony LeFever


By far the BEST CRM any dealership can have. I run a BDC company and it’s user friendly, efficient and the staff are the best to assist you with any questions! I would recommend anyone in the automotive industry to have them as their go to CRM. Thank you AutoRaptor.

William Salazar

We felt it was really genius and super easy to integrate. We were immediately able to jump in and take advantage of what AutoRaptor had to offer. We didn’t look at any other CRMs because this one did everything we needed it to do.

Jon Higgins

Carmix Auto Sales


Very user-friendly! I have been using AutoRaptor going on 4 years now and have had no issues at all. Reps are super polite and quick to respond if I have any questions.

Macy Rogers


Easy to use, great help with follow-up reminders. Been using AutoRaptor for years, no complaints whatsoever. Customer service is second to none, even though it’s rarely needed. Definitely recommend AutoRaptor 100%.

Atlas Motor Group


A great CRM to get the ball rolling, very easy to understand and navigate, great way to stay organized and assign leads and tasks efficiently.

Emily Morales