How to Secure Auto Sales Leads at Buy Here Pay Here Lots

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Generate and convert auto sales leads for Buy Here Pay Here lots with a little help from the digital world.

Are you still running the same radio spot that you recorded six years ago? Or continuing to funnel the majority of your advertising dollars into TV commercials that result in a lot of phone calls, but few sales?

For owners of Buy Here Pay Here lots, targeted marketing and advertising initiatives are essential if you’re trying to generate more auto sales leads. You’re selling a unique product, and you aren’t the same as a traditional auto dealership—so why are you marketing yourself like one?

It’s time to go digital if you want more BHPH auto sales leadsauto sales leads

Buy Here Pay Here lots were created to help lower-income individuals with poor credit history get into a vehicle they can afford. The customers you’re looking for aren’t going to call you because they saw your ad for a fully-loaded newer model—they’re going to call because your ad highlighted low bi-weekly payments or bad credit financing. Advertising online allows you to create highly targeted advertisements that reach your ideal customer and saves you money in the process.

Are you leveraging the digital world to get more auto sales leads? Here are a few ways to bring in more qualified leads:

Optimize your website for mobile.

At this point, all Buy Here Pay Here lots should have a website—that’s non-negotiable. However, is your website also optimized for mobile users who are accessing your site on their smartphones or tablets? More than any other demographic, low-income Americans rely heavily on mobile devices to connect to online resources. In many cases, they may not have a home computer or a home Internet connection; their smartphone becomes their computer. By making your BHPH website mobile-friendly, you’ll increase the likelihood of getting more auto sales leads.

Elevate your social media presenceauto sales leads

Like most types of auto dealers, Buy Here Pay Here lots are fans of Facebook pages because they are free. A real added benefit on Facebook, though, is the ability to run incredibly targeted ads that are also fairly inexpensive.

For example, if you have a deal you want to promote that you think single mothers in your area would love, try a boosted post. You create the Facebook post on your timeline, add a link, choose your budget, and then create your audience—for this ad, you may only want females between certain ages who have children and live within 20 miles of your dealership to see the content you’re sharing. This way, you can ensure every cent you spend is being used for communicating to the right audience.

Use pay per click (PPC) ads

PPC ads are similar to boosted Facebook posts, but they show up in search engines—like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!—when people are searching specific keywords or phrases. This is helpful because even if there are a few local BHPH dealerships who outrank you in organic search, you can outbid them and make sure your dealership is prominently displayed in search results.

You’ve got the auto sales leads—but how do you convert them?auto sales leads

Once the leads start rolling in, you need to be ready. The only thing more disappointing than lack of auto sales leads is having plenty, but not knowing how to manage them properly—and losing them. Buy Here Pay Here lots can benefit greatly from a CRM created specifically for auto dealers to keep leads organized and contacted in a timely fashion.

When a lead comes in, pay attention to how they chose to make that initial contact and the sense of urgency. For example, if a web lead came in and the person just has a question, you may want to consider making an email your initial point of contact. However, if that web lead expressed an urgent interest in securing financing and getting into a car, you may want to call them to get things moving. Either way, your email or phone call should involve some Call to Action (CTA)—usually, encouraging the customer to visit your dealership to meet face-to-face.

In addition to how you follow-up, the speed at which you do so is also incredibly important. Remember that this potential customer is likely shopping around, and if they find a good deal before you get back to them, they’re going to take it. Make a rule in your dealership —for example, follow-ups must happen within 30 minutes of a lead being assigned, or they will be re-assigned to another salesperson—to ensure the ball doesn’t get dropped.

There will be times, however, that auto sales leads just come in at a slower pace. During those times, think about re-visiting old leads or former customers. You can set your CRM up to remind you to reach out to these individuals to try to revive interest and get a new deal on the books. Don’t blame poor sales on lack of leads—be proactive and make your own.

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