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6 New Auto Dealership Email Marketing Features in AutoRaptor Dealership CRM

Auto Dealership Marketing Plan

Looking for better auto dealership email marketing features? Look no further! AutoRaptor has you covered.

In addition to the fantastic marketing capabilities already offered by AutoRaptor, we’re excited to announce some new auto dealership email marketing features you’ll find on our platform! Developed based on feedback from our dealers, we put together a very easy-to-use email marketing tool we call Target Marketing.

Target Marketing is essentially a way for you to reach out to specific audiences about new offerings without it sounding like you’re sending a broad email blast. For example, if people search for a certain kind of car and one comes in, you can email just those people based on the information stored in each up sheet. The best part is, you can do it all directly from the up sheet tab in AutoRaptor!

Let’s take a closer look at the auto dealership email marketing features you’ll find with this new tool, which we’re sure will lead to more happy customers.

New auto dealership email marketing features designed to help you succeed

1. Create templates in advance

Auto Dealership Marketing PlanWhile target marketing can be used to send effective plain text messages as well, one of the best features is the ability to create beautiful, professional templates in advance, which you can then use to reach a number of different customers who might be looking for or interested in the same things. At this time, only administrators can create new templates or edit existing ones. Still, non-admins can add a personalized message to a template so you can specifically target individuals in a customized way. You can also create draft templates and finish them later in case you need to make any finishing touches or last-minute changes. And of course, all templates can be edited by administrators at any time.

Some of the auto dealership email marketing features that the template editor offers include: dragging and dropping photos, adding text, adding video, adding social media buttons, and more!

2. Choose your audience

Using the different sub-tabs and filters in the up sheets section of the system, you can customize your audiences so that only the people you want to receive your communications will get them. No more blasts out to your entire mailing list! You can send out as many or as few targeted emails as you like depending on how many credits your company has. (The first 5,000 credits per month are free!)


3. All communications in one place

After you choose your template and customize your email, you can send it directly from the up sheets dashboard, and the responses will come right back to the same place! No more switching between programs to send and receive emails. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of your correspondence in a single place so you can streamline future follow-ups and other communications related to your campaigns.

4. Run reports

After you’ve started a campaign, you can measure its success through the reports function. Keep an eye on sent emails, the number and percent delivered, the open rate, how many have bounced back, and more. With this auto dealership email marketing feature, you can determine precisely how effective your campaigns are and make adjustments if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Auto Dealership Marketing Plan

5. Leverage text messaging

One of the most exciting auto dealership email marketing functions offered through AutoRaptor is the ability to use Target Marketing with text messages instead of emails. That’s right; you can reach customers right away if you have their appropriate text contact information. With an average text response time of 90 seconds, you’ll know right away whether or not your efforts are making a difference, and hopefully, you’ll be able to close deals quicker and better develop trust with your audiences through these personalized messages.

6. Build deeper customer loyalty

Perhaps the best part about these changes to our auto dealership email marketing platform is that you’ll foster deeper, more reliable customer loyalty by engaging customers with personalized messages just for them. Customers will feel that you’re looking out for them and keeping their best interests in mind at all times, which means they’re much more likely to turn to you when they’re ready to buy or when they have questions about particular vehicles or any other part of the buying process. Everybody wins!

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