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How to Avoid Sales Scheduling Nightmares with the Help of a CRM

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Without a CRM, sales scheduling can turn into a monster. Here’s how technology can help.

We’ve all been there. Too much to do on the calendar, not enough organization to streamline it all. But sales scheduling flubs can cause major problems in the sales cycle, not to mention with customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, technology is here to help. By using a CRM such as AutoRaptor, you can say goodbye to many of the sales scheduling nightmares that can exist when you’re trying to do everything manually. From automatically generating schedule items to providing regular reminders, CRM technology can take most of the hassle out of sales scheduling so that you can spend more time closing deals and developing relationships with customers.

Still not convinced? Here’s how using CRM technology has changed the face of sales scheduling, empowering you to do what you love most, which is selling to customers.

No more sales scheduling mistakes! Discover all the ways a CRM can help

Daily work plans

Even before scheduling appointments with customers, it’s important that you have your day mapped out so that you make thesales scheduling most of the time you have. AutoRaptor has a feature that creates daily work plans for you to get a snapshot of the day. Find out what you need to accomplish and how to adjust accordingly based on what else comes up. Your daily work plan will probably work best if you block out focus time that you can use to either catch up on emails and other menial tasks or handle unexpected things that come up throughout the day. Setting a daily work plan will help you stay organized and on task, and a CRM is the best way to help you do that.

Sales scheduling reminders

Another great feature a CRM offers is the ability to set reminders when you have important meetings or appointments coming up. Never lose sight of an engagement again when you can automate the system to remind you of what’s on the agenda for the day. Set reminders for multiple different times, or set multiple alerts for those busy days where it might be helpful to have someone constantly reminding you what you need to do. No need for an administrative assistant here. Just enter the information into your CRM, and it will handle the rest!

Set tasks

In addition to appointments and meetings, you can also enter your tasks into a CRM, which will help you streamline your day. Tasks can also come with reminders if you want them to, or you can simply go back to your task list multiple times a day and make sure that you’re staying on track. It may seem tedious at first to have to enter these tasks, but if there are tasks that have to be performed every day or every other day, you can set them as such, so you’re only entering the information at one time. You may have to juggle tasks a bit depending on how each day unfolds, but having them all in one place will help you to avoid salessales scheduling scheduling problems that can arise from disorganization and unpleasant surprises about work you intended to do but may have forgotten about.

Schedule meetings, follow-ups

Like any other calendar, CRMs come with built-in calendars that you can use to set customer appointments and meetings. Not only that, but you can set up automated to remind both you and your customers of upcoming appointments. In addition to appointment reminders, it’s also simple to automate follow-up emails and phone calls that you need to make. This way, you can spend more time matching customers to the right cars for them than worrying about keeping important appointments, which will pop up naturally and keep you on track each day of the week.

Go mobile

AutoRaptor’s CRM isn’t only built for a desktop experience; it’s also customized for mobile, which means you can take your sales scheduling with you on the go. Get the same reminders you’d get on your desktop on your mobile device instead so that you won’t miss meetings or appointments even when you’re away from your desk or the office. This is one of the most valuable features since most sales schedulingsalespeople don’t spend all day sitting at their desks. You can even check your schedule easily the night before without ever having to log in from a desktop computer.

Everything in one place

Whether you go with the mobile or desktop experience, the beauty of a CRM is that you have all that you need at your fingertips all the time. Sales scheduling meetings, appointments, tasks, daily work plans—it’s all right there whenever you need it, helping to ensure that sales scheduling nightmares are a thing of the past.

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