Never Ignore This Car Dealership Advertising Advice if You Want to be Successful

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Are you finding that your approach to car dealership advertising isn’t bringing in the leads you thought it would?

Car dealership advertising is a necessity, but it can get expensive and even ruin your reputation if you aren’t careful. Newspaper ads, spammy mailers, and scratch cards that try to lure customers in for their “free prize” turn customers away and are extremely outdated.

These types of promotions don’t work, but unfortunately, a lot of dealers just don’t know what else to do, so they keep trying the same old tricks hoping for new results. If you want to increase your dealership traffic, you have to change your approach. The time has come to get out of that rut and try something new to get people through your dealership advertising

Bring your car dealership advertising into the future

When it comes to car dealership advertising, social media is your friend.

There is conflicting information as to whether or not social media helps dealers, but the truth is any business, car related or not, can find success with social sites. Not only is social media cost-effective, but you have the chance to engage with customers every day, and not just when they need a new car or vehicle service.

Share photos of satisfied customers, how-to videos, or even short clips introducing dealership staff members. These types of posts help customers get comfortable with your dealership before they even walk in your door. You can also make test drive videos, which are popular on YouTube. 70% of consumers that use YouTube during their car buying process are influenced by what they watch, and this is your chance to get out there and stand out with your unique dealer videos. Who knows, you could even go viral!

Third party sites are appealing to dealership advertising

Websites like TrueCar, Autotrader, and have changed the way consumers buy cars, which has, in turn, forced dealerships to change how they sell them. In the 2016 Car Buyer Journey, statistics showed that 78% of people buying cars visited a third party site before purchase. That number is increasing very year, and customers are more informed than ever, spending anywhere from 13-15 hours online doing their homework. It’s essential to engage third-party advertising if you want to increase your leads. It may cost you a little more per unit, but it’s the kind of car dealership advertising that can improve your traffic quickly.

Use your CRM to target the right demographic.

When you think of advertising, you probably aren’t thinking about your CRM tools, but it’s time to change that. Yes, your CRM is for tracking leads, but it’s also for getting new ones. Your CRM can help you come up with your own set of analytics to help you target a specific group of potential clients. By monitoring your promotions, you can see which ones work, and which demographic they appeal to the most. Are you selling a lot of heavy-duty trucks? Do you notice you are selling more family-friendly cars or luxury models? What about the age range of your current clients? Use this data to come up with unique sales ideas for potential clients rather than taking a shot in the dealership advertising

Make sure you’re mobile friendly.

Everyone is on their phones these days, so why not make the most of it? Make sure your dealership’s website is mobile friendly, and that your team is active in using their mobile CRM to engage and respond to clients. According to mobile developer Stable Kernel auto buyers who use mobile devices are 72% more likely to make repeat visits to the dealership. We know that leads from repeat customers are six to ten times less expensive than new leads, so this is a car dealership advertising statistic that auto dealers can get behind.

Car dealership advertising may seem like an overwhelming process, but with the right tools you can increase your leads and increase your profits. Stop sinking money into an advertising black hole and get behind the best of what technology has to offer. As long as your team is consistent with using these tools, you will get results.

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