5 of the Best Holiday Car Sales for Increasing Traffic

holiday car sales

You’ve probably tried every one of the most popular holiday car sales promotions in existence, but do you know which ones can genuinely increase dealership traffic?

Auto dealers commonly advertise holiday car sales that relate to presidents, veterans, long weekends, or change of seasons. While you may not celebrate every single one of them, you should take advantage of potential opportunities to get new faces to walk through your doors. Holiday car sales give you a great reason to generate consumer interest without spending a lot of extra money.

Creativity is crucial.

Advertising your holiday car sales is only one step in generating interest. Customers need a unique reason to shop with you and not your competition. Once you post your sale to the public, assemble a small group of team members to create a memorable experience to help your business stand out. Creating big fun on a low budget is possible, especially if you have imaginative staff members.

Good old fashioned research precedes the most successful events.

Thankfully automotive research has become a lot more accessible with the use of customer relationship management tools. You can run reports that will instantly tell you your most prominent demographic. Once you study the data, you can use the information to help decide which crowd might respond best. Is your dealership in a college town or the suburbs? What is the average income in your area? Make sure your event is something members of your community will enjoy.

Once your team is ready and armed with the knowledge they need to succeed, it’s time to have some fun coordinating new holiday car sales for the upcoming months.
holiday car sales

5 Holiday car sales that are sure to attract a crowd

1. People will hop on in if you host an Easter egg hunt.

Who doesn’t love a good egg hunt? Have your team fill a bunch of plastic eggs with candy and toys for the kids, but also set up something fun for the adults. Stuff a few eggs with prizes like free car washes or oil changes, You can even try to get someone to wear a bunny suit to take Easter Bunny photos with your guests. Post snapshots of fun events like this on your social media, and you are sure to get some positive attention. Give out deals in a new and exciting way, and you will stand apart from the competition.

2. Celebrate the summer with a 4th of July family fun day.

You can never go wrong with a family fun day. You can keep it simple and still have a significant impact. Serve refreshments, hand out balloons, and hire a face painter for the kids. One great way to draw families to your event is to work with your local police department to organize a car seat safety seminar. Offer deals on family-friendly vehicles like vans and SUV’s. Get involved with the families in your community, and you have the potential to attract business from drivers of all ages for years to come.

3. Fall is the perfect season for holiday car sales.

August and September are when manufacturers release all the models for the next year, and you’re left trying to make room on the lot. Increase traffic by having a Halloween event for your community complete with trick or treating and pumpkin carving. Engage your community with a Fall 5K event, and donate the proceeds to a local charity. Offer money off when your town’s favorite football team wins a game. Giving back and getting involved in your community will generate interest and increase existing customer loyalty.

4. Charity makes the holidays happier.

According to a 2017 study by Cone Research, “87% [of customers] will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about.” Winter holidays are another perfect chance to give back to the community. Set up a giving tree or a Toys for Tots box in your showroom. Encourage donations by offering money off the purchase of a car or a maintenance plan. You could even set up a program for people to donate their old cars to charities such as the Jimmy Fund, Make a Wish Foundation, or Kars4Kids.

5. Don’t write-off end of year holiday car sales.

If you want to close out your year with as many sales as possible, it’s time to focus your marketing towards businesses. Thanks to the Section 179 tax deduction allowance, business owners can write off a portion of their company vehicle expenses. Though there are limitations, the money they save on yearly taxes can be extremely beneficial. Use your CRM tool to search for clients, and once you find them, utilize automated emails, texts, and phone calls to reach out with exciting offers.

Holiday car sales are more than tiresome newspaper ads.

If you find yourself frustrated by unsuccessful marketing campaigns, then it might be time to switch it up and give back to your community. Get your team together and brainstorm some creative holiday car sales. A little research and some employee involvement is an affordable way to get new customers into your showroom.

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