How to Make Sure Your BDC Manager is Set Up For Success

bdc manager

Every dealership has a BDC Manager but is your dealership’s business development center doing everything it could to improve lead generation?

Since most sales start in the BDC office, it just makes sense to ensure your BDC manager has what they need to do their job correctly. There is a lot of pressure on the BDC manager to fill up the sales board, and while some dealerships make it work, a lot of them still struggle. Just like mechanics, BDC managers have tools to help them do their job, and without the right tools, how can you expect them to be successful at what they do? You can’t. They need a lot more than a phone and an internet connection to drive traffic through your doors.bdc manager

Two common problems with unsuccessful BDC offices are the lack of established processes and even worse, an absence of customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Use CRM to improve your process

AutoRaptor’s CRM tools have all the features you need to get solid leads in the hands of your sales team. Your BDC manager can set up and organize appointments, as well as have access to email and text templates that make client communication easier than ever. CRM automation not only helps your BDC manager, but your entire sales team, too.

Intelligent automation filters the leads that are most likely to turn into sales, allowing your team to focus on serious clients, while accountability tools ensure no client slips through the cracks. With new car sales expected to plateau this year, according to Automotive News, it’s essential to grab hold of every sales opportunity available.02 how to make sure your bdc manager is set up for success

Using CRM tools will help create a customized workflow that will keep your team focused on getting solid leads through the door of your dealership. Every task is logged and tracked for review, which is excellent for managing your team’s accountability.

New day, new strategy

The auto industry has brought forth many changes over the years, and dealerships are looking at a seemingly neverending slew of new compliance rules, franchise changes, and bank requirements. As redundant as it all sounds, these changes affect your sales routine, which means you need to review your process periodically.

Quarterly manager’s meetings are a good place to discuss changing regulations. It’s also the perfect time to have your BDC manager pull reports from your CRM. These reports will help your team understand their demographic, giving them direction going forward. Car dealerships that communicate and make the time to improve their processes will always do better than the ones that don’t.

CRM equals ROIbdc manager

Dealership expenses pile up, but you should never cut corners when it comes to your business development center. AutoRaptor CRM is the single most valuable tool you could give your BDC manager. Stop wasting time with dead-end lead sources, and spend your money on resources that work. When your BDC manager is successful, your dealership will ultimately thrive making the investment in CRM tools well worth your while.

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