10 Affordable BDC Best Practices That Will Ease Dealership Stress

bdc best practices

The easiest way to eliminate dealership stress is to arm yourself with BDC best practices that won’t break the bank.

The business development office has evolved over the years, especially with the improvements made to digital car sales, particularly customer relationship management (CRM) software. Yet even with these advancements, dealers aren’t always sure which BDC best practices will help them get the biggest return on investment. The thing is, there are ways to enhance the performance of your BDC office without increasing costs or stress.

10 BDC best practices your dealership needs right now

1. Prioritize regular training practices.

Dealership training is crucial for every department, especially BDC. Familiarize yourself with current inventory, vehicle features, the sales team’s process, and how to use digital tools to their full potential. Even though dealership education can be a significant expense, there are many opportunities to train without spending a single dime.

2. Embrace appointment culture.bdc best practices

The key to closing more deals is to book more appointments. Work on customer communication skills to improve the chances of getting customers in the door. Confirming appointments helps ensure each car buyer is given the proper attention they deserve, which in turn will help increase customer satisfaction and retention success. You’ll be amazed at how much you can reduce stress when you’re not scrambling to deal with multiple clients all at once.

3. Fully embrace the power of CRM software.

Are you using all of the tools your CRM company provides? Why pay for a subscription and not make the most out of it? Make sure to set aside time to research its features, then make a plan to implement them into daily routines. These tools will help you save time, giving you the chance to sell even more. Share what you’ve learned at the next sales meeting and encourage efficiency among your team. Remember, efficiency increases profitability in the world of car sales.

4. Work closely with Sales and Marketing.

One of the most powerful (and free) BDC best practices is to communicate with the sales and marketing specialists at your dealership. All sales related departments need to work in harmony because a strong team is the foundation of any profitable car dealership. Hold regular meetings, and spend time each month analyzing your processes until they work smoothly for everyone involved.

5. Monitor accountability.

It’s necessary to follow your ‘lead to close rate’ periodically to ensure your expenses are low and your profits will grow. Self-audits are free, and they help you to decipher which processes and procedures are giving your dealership the best results.

6. Take car buyer feedback seriously.bdc best practices

Bad ratings can be upsetting, but lack of consumer response will only add to your problems. Always reply to customer reviews, and show other potential shoppers that customer satisfaction is a top priority. This should be a daily task and not a monthly (or longer) responsibility. Today’s car buyers take reviews very seriously when deciding to purchase a new vehicle.

7. Seek out referrals.

Get creative with referral programs. There is no need to spend extra money on a third party company. Use email blasts, texts, and social media hashtags to present your referral programs and in a fun and exciting way.

8. Learn how to handle objections.

It can be stressful to be turned down time after time, but if you find that it’s often happening, it might be time to readjust your approach. Are you asking too many open-ended questions? Are you able to offer car shoppers the information they need to feel confident in shopping with you? Are you catering to the customer’s needs or helping them solve a problem? Self-awareness goes a long way in the BDC office, so be sure to perform personal-audits on a regular basis.

9. Be smart about social media.bdc best practices

A strong social media presence can help foster year-round communication with current and potential customers alike. Don’t just post about sales and inventory. Increase follower engagement by sharing local events, fun facts, photos of happy clients, and helpful tips for drivers. Create a posting schedule and find a few social savvy team members from each department to help you post content on a regular basis. Enjoyable content is a great way to keep your dealership in the back of customer’s minds.

10. Use your CRM to monitor success.

The most helpful CRM tools will offer reporting functions, so it’s easy to see how many units are sold, and what the profits and losses are on each deal. Don’t forget to check in and monitor progress to make sure the changes you make are working well for your dealership. It’s up to the BDC office to give the sales team a boost. There’s no need stress about wasting precious time and money on processes that don’t work.

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