How to be an Internet Car Sales Superstar

internet car sales

Internet car sales have become so prevalent that it’s vital for dealerships to perfect the art to stay ahead of their competition.

For the longest time, increasing foot traffic was a salesperson’s main priority, but now with the bulk of clients spending hours online shopping for vehicles, there’s less need for people to visit dealerships physically. While new processes have shaken up the auto sales industry, they haven’t eliminated the need for salespeople like once feared. If anything, internet car sales have become an essential resource that dealers and car buyers can both appreciate.

Instead of viewing these significant industry changes as a nuisance, see them as valuable tools that can improve your efficiency ten-fold.

Here are eight simple tips that will help you become an internet car sales superstar in no time at all

1. Master computer proficiency.internet car sales

Every salesperson should be able to confidently utilize all the tools necessary to engage car buyers digitally. Not only should you be knowledgeable when it comes to DMS and CRM tools, but you should also stay up to date with which shopping, review, and social media sites are most influential to car buyers in your area. If computers aren’t your strong suit, consider taking some basic classes to get yourself up to speed.

2. Use digital tools faithfully.

It’s one thing to learn about digital processes, and it’s another to implement them. Sadly, dealers don’t always give new tools the chance to do their magic. Be sure to give each new method a good try before giving up entirely. More likely than not, you’ll be able to improve efficiency in at least one area of your performance.

3. Maintain a robust online presence.

Scan the web and make sure every site that lists your information is correct. Is your dealership listed on Google, Yelp, DealerRater, and all the major car buying websites? What about contact information, staff changes, and phone numbers? Add dealer information where it’s missing, check for inconsistencies between listings, and make sure to keep up with any changes as they occur.internet car sales

4. Don’t discount social media.

Create YouTube videos to introduce yourself, your dealership, and your inventory. Post photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook. Even though social media doesn’t contribute to the bulk of internet car sales, don’t overlook it as a marketing resource, especially when you consider how affordable it can be to reach such a broad audience.

5. Become a wealth of vehicle knowledge.

It would be embarrassing to be in a position where you know less about your inventory than a potential customer. Take the time to learn at least one new vehicle fact each day. Study your inventory list online, but also get to know each vehicle in person. The more you know about your stock, the easier it is to focus on improving selling skills.

6. Find the right demographic.

Use your CRM reports to study your existing client base, and keep track of what’s attracting new customers to your dealership. Did they Google you or find you on a review site? Perhaps they were recommended by a current client. Use this information to ensure you’re focusing your marketing efforts on the right type of car buyers.

7. Put yourself out there.internet car sales

Collecting online dealership reviews has become just as important a task as getting dealership traffic once was. Be sure to acquire feedback whenever possible. 73% of car buyers will drive farther for a great salesperson, so highlight your strengths and show them what makes you worth their drive.

8. Etiquette matters online, too.

You may not get as much facetime with car buyers, but that doesn’t mean etiquette should take a backseat. Always reply to inquiries promptly, and focus on the customer’s needs rather than commissions or monthly sales goals.

Ultimately, the key to internet car sales success lies in the ability to create a first-class virtual experience for car shoppers. While it can be stressful to change the processes that have worked for so many years, it’s worth it when you see just how easy it is to build strong and profitable customer relationships.

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