How to Improve Your BDC Process by Making the Most of Your CRM Tools

bdc process

The BDC, otherwise known as the Business Development Center, can help increase the traffic and profitability of any car dealership. You just need the right BDC process.

While BDC has been around for a while, it’s not until recently that BDC Manager has become a steady dealership position. Franchises will require you to have an office set up, and smaller dealerships are starting to see it working for their competitors. If you look at job finder sites like Indeed, you will see how many BDC positions are up for grabs. If you look even closer, you will see that some dealer BDC offices have a revolving door, and chances are it’s because of their nonexistent BDC process.

As easy it may be to blame the employee for the failed attempt at BDC success, it’s important to take a look at your BDC process to ensure you haven’t set them up for failure. You can’t just throw someone in an office with a phone, a computer, and an internet connection and expect them to work magic.

Business development does need phones, computers, and internet, but there’s more to it than that. You need the right BDC process.

bdc process

How to make your BDC process successful

Any good BDC office requires at least one employee who’s good at time management, with the ability to draw people through your doors. The thing is, even if they are good at it, it’s the dealership’s responsibility to make sure they have the tools to find and organize clients. You can’t just expect them to use google and a notepad, and chances are your DMS is not equipped to make a real difference in this department. You need to give them monthly goals and a realistic way to reach them. It’s important to get them involved with your sales team and make them an integral part of your weekly sales meetings.

The single most important tool your BDC manager needs to be successful is a CRM service like AutoRaptor. Compared to all the dollars spent monthly on advertising, CRM software will have the most significant return on investment. It helps create an effortless BDC process with features like lead management, and automated text and email functions. Everything they need to reach your sales goals is at their fingertips.

When your BDC person has the right tools, they can focus on finding clients and distributing them to your sales team. You can monitor trends and activity to help narrow down the vehicles on your lot that might appeal to each customer. There is also a place to keep notes on cars they like (or don’t). The ability to send inventory photos is also appealing to customers that want to make comparisons before they step foot on your lot.

Time is better spent finding real leads instead of creating unsuccessful email blasts or blindly calling the wrong people. Setting up sales campaigns and contacting the right audience is quick, and all notes about the entire process are readily accessible to anyone in your sales team. You can also schedule emails and outbound calls with custom filtering and location targeting.

Do you have team members that are forgetful or overwhelmed? AutoRaptor gives you the ability to set tasks and alerts which will ensure an appointment is never left forgotten. There is also a built-in temperature gauge to help your reps prioritize their client pipeline.

Do you have a hard time distributing leads equitably? AutoRaptor’s Round Robin feature can help with that. Set leads to distribute automatically and maximize your reps efforts. You can also set up daily work plans and follow up on accountability to make sure your team is productive.

AutoRaptor’s CRM tool brings an impressive boost to your BDC process, but it does so much more for your entire sales team. It saves you time and gives your team access to critical information and trends that will increase their selling power. In today’s competitive auto industry it’s important to streamline your process so you can grab ahold of every opportunity to sell.

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