How to Write a Follow-up Email That Car Buyers Won’t Ignore

how to write a follow up email

One of the most fundamental skills an auto salesperson can acquire is knowing how to write a follow-up email that clients won’t ignore.

Car dealers can expect that clients will overlook a portion of all the emails they send. Still, if the number of replies decreases consistently, then it’s time to sharpen your communication skills and learn how to write a follow-up email that’s sure to yield a response. Email marketing has an astounding ROI of 3,800 percent, which means dealerships can’t afford to overlook these efforts.

And while new car buyers are essential, don’t neglect your existing clients. Did you know it costs ten percent more to acquire new customers? That’s right. Your existing customers are instantly more profitable. They’re also the ones who will write you an online review, meaning their value to you is enormous. It’s more than worth it to learn how to write a follow-up email that ensures they are happy with their purchase and with their overall dealership experience.

How to write a follow-up email that leads to more auto sales

It takes more than a computer to send noticeable follow-up emails. Make sure the right tools are accessible.

A large part of ensuring follow-up emails get noticed is making sure you’re sending them consistently and at the correct time. Thirty-seven percent of leads are acquired on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, making those great days to send follow-up emails. Because a car salesperson’s daily plans change frequently, a CRM tool is perfect for scheduling consistent emails even when presented with last-minute appointments. Besides scheduling emails, a CRM tool can also help you organize client information and communication preferences. It’s critical to note how a client wants to communicate to avoid losing their business for good.

Personalized emails have higher open rates. Avoid sending messages that resemble spam.

While email templates can be an excellent tool for scheduling bulk campaigns, if you don’t customize those emails, they can look suspiciously like spam. It’s important to create custom CRM templates to send emails that will genuinely appeal to specific audiences. A study by Marketing Sherpa found that just adding a name to the subject line of an email can increase the open rate by over 29 percent. Catchy subject lines and personalized content that acknowledges the client or their needs directly will also help your emails avoid the junk mail file.

Encourage clients to respond by including calls to action in follow-up emails.

A call to action, or CTA, can persuade clients to engage in marketing or communication efforts, and follow-up emails should always include at least one. A compelling call to action is straight, to the point, and expressed in a way that invites the reader to reply. It encourages sustained conversation and helps strengthen the relationship by allowing salespeople to acquire detailed customer information as well as the chance to book appointments. A CTA can also invite car buyers to view your inventory online, leave a review, or share their dealership experience with others.

Enhance tiresome follow-up emails with pictures and videos.

It doesn’t require much effort to include visual imagery that will increase the chances of engaging readers. Rather than typing out vehicle descriptions, add photos and a link to the online inventory to give clients a better look at your stock. Instead of sending a typical introduction letter to new clients, consider including a YouTube video presentation as a unique way to get to know the sales team and take a tour of the dealership.

A sale isn’t the only process that requires a follow-up. Send emails to clients for the following reasons:

  • See if recent clients need help with new features after owning the vehicle for a few weeks.
  • Check in after a current customer’s service appointment.
  • Congratulate existing clients on a vehicle anniversary.
  • Wish car buyers a happy birthday.
  • Revisit old leads.
  • Send inventory links to car buyers that are waiting for the right model.

The best way to avoid slow sales months is to create a steady lead pipeline. When you know how to write a follow-up email that can engage both new and current clients, you have the chance to increase your lead pipeline substantially.

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