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How to Utilize Automotive CRM Features for More Effective Sales Management

A better look at how a quality automotive CRM will improve sales management at every level, from salespeople to general managers.


A better look at how a quality automotive CRM will improve sales management at every level, from salespeople to general managers.

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7Every level of the dealership team––salespeople, managers, general managers, and owners––need to be able to organize tasks and view progress. As the majority of sales leads make contact with a dealership several times before visiting in person, it’s important to track, analyze, and organize sales efforts.

The functionality of automotive CRM software makes it easy to streamline and work efficiently. Internet lead management, sales process workflow, customer follow-up, email templates, lead source reporting––these are all the features that make automotive CRM software the prime choice for dealerships that want increased sales performance.

Below, we’ve outlined how key positions can utilize features in an automotive CRM for more effective sales management. From ground floor sales reps to C-level executives, these functionalities are tailored for the workflows and customer relationships of car dealerships.

The three levels of effective sales management via your automotive CRM

How to Utilize Automotive CRM Features for More Effective Sales Management - Sales RepOn the ground: sales reps making connections 

Managing daily tasks and following up with customers can be overwhelming and time-consuming. An automotive CRM organizes workflows and gives every salesperson a resource for effective sales management. Whether making an initial sales call or following up with customers in the future, a CRM will provide reminders and tools to get the job done.

  • Customizable action plans tailored for individual workflows and dealerships. Daily reminders and tasks set up for every point in the sales process.
  • Mobile applications with unique functionality, including license and VIN scanning, lead management tools, and up sheets.
  • Text messaging via the computer or mobile phone. Communication with customers and staff is easier and more organized.

How to Utilize Automotive CRM Features for More Effective Sales Management - Sales ManagerIn the air: sales managers delegating tasks

While salespeople are making connections with prospects and customers, managers have the ability to oversee the daily actions of their teams. Automotive CRMs give managers the power to streamline e-lead delegation and monitor performance. Less time spent chasing down individual salespeople will make daily management more effective.

  • Lead management is controlled and assigned in different ways. Managers can assign leads manually, allow salespeople to claim, or set up the software to delegate automatically.
  • Managers can view tasks and follow-up schedules for their teams, keeping an eye on who is completing their work on time and efficiently.
  • Email campaigns are easy to set up and execute. If managers have a promotion or update for their customers, they can schedule and deliver targeted messages through the automotive CRM.

03_moreeffective_owner1.pngAt the controls: GMs and owners assessing the results

Obtaining a detailed, real-time overview of sales and staff performances is easier with an automotive CRM. General managers can see what location is the most productive, what lead sources are most valuable, and where the team needs to focus their strategies. Sales reports can be filtered to show specific results and where marketing can be invested.

  • Lead source reporting gives an in depth and digestible view of dealership statistics. Marking budgets can be allocated by clearly seeing where the most internet lead traffic is coming.
  • Individual salesperson reports give a clear picture who is staying on top of workflow, daily tasks, sales goals.
  • Sales reports can filter month, year, car info, and lead source. Reports can pinpoint areas that are performing well, and highlight errors that need fixing.

A quality automotive CRM understands the needs of independent dealerships

No independent dealership is the same. That’s why choosing an automotive CRM that allows customizable adjustments and integration with workflows is important. As an additional feature, search for a CRM that offers one-on-one training and top-notch customer support. Overall, investing in a CRM should help dealerships to focus their sales management and customer relationship processes across every position level.

What do you think about utilizing CRMs for your dealership? What questions do you have? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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